Stones Ready For The England World Cup Call
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If Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain doesn't recover in time from injury, Everton's John Stones could still go to the World Cup as replacement.

Stonesy who has won 2 caps in the warm up games against Peru and Ecuador, is due to leave the squad after today's game against Honduras.  

Hodgson said: "We won't make a decision before we get to Brazil. It will be at the very last moment, which is 24 hours before we play our first game.

"I won't be dashing out to replace him just because I might have to accept he can't play in the first game or something like that.

"We're entitled to think we may go on outside of the group. We may have a longer tournament and we may want him around.

"I'm not certain that anyone we choose to replace him will give us a similar addition.

"John Stones and Jon Flanagan will both leave the squad, but I will alert them that there is a good chance that if the worst happened and we had to bring someone else back in I would probably turn to one of those two." 

Stonesy on winning his first cap said: "It's still not sunk in yet. I'll never forget that moment at Wembley and it still feels surreal. 
"To make my debut two days after my birthday as well topped off the week. It was nice to have the family down and it was a massive day for me."
"We never would have thought it would have happened so quickly, coming away with the senior squad. 
"We're just enjoying every minute of it. It's nice to see how the senior squad works - it's all good experience.
"It's been such a good experience, we'll go away and watch the lads from back home.
"But it has given us that hunger to keep on improving and hopefully when that next England squad comes around we'll get the call." 

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Comments about Stones Ready For The England World Cup Call
Tired of all this,needs to be nurtured approach,and it's a tournament four years too soon.The young man is class personified and the stage is not too grand for him.Every player regardless of age and experience drops the odd clanger,part and parcel of the game.For years we have had to make do with all the usual suspects and an approach to competitions that scream out fear.Result..tail between our legs and a field day for the vulture press.Go on England,surprise us all and storm the place,with John Stones on board.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 2:16 PM 9/06/2014
Really simple this, John Stones has been completely outstanding this season and much better than any of the competition outside of Jags and Cahill. He is also a better option at right back than Johnson. Yes, he may not be the finished article but if we (as in England) stick with our so called finished articles, we really will be lucky to make it out of the group stages. Start with Ross and get John on the bench. Mr Hodgson only serves to remind me at times how much better managers such as Roberto truly are!
Simon Hoffman, Biddulph Grange, 4:46 PM 8/06/2014
Personally think he should start a head of RS Johnson! He's the Ross Barkley of centre backs, (but don't tell Woy that)!
Doug, Liverpool, 3:46 PM 8/06/2014
It's a bit early for him, I reckon he needs a full season of regular football first.
Paul, Warrington, 1:01 PM 8/06/2014
I thought that Woy had made a boob when he omitted John,but took a crock. Then blow me if Phil Jones doesn't play a blinder. Still think he's better than Smalling though and Johnson is looking to be a real weak link too. After the Honduras match the full complement of RS players are looking quite ropy,aren't they. Stevie me is looking his age,Johnson completed more passes to Hondurans than Pallios,Henderson seemed to be running around like a headless chicken looking scared and lost and Sturridge couldn't hit the proverbial cow's arse with a stringed instrument.
R Gordon, Weatherfield, 5:07 AM 8/06/2014
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