Lampard On Barkley
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Although England manager Roy Hodgson was playing down the performance of Ross Barkley against Ecuador, vice captain, Frank Lampard was full of praise for the Everton youngster.

Fat Frank said: "There's a lot of similarities in there, in their build, where they come from and where they play. You can't deny that. Again, it's that fearlessness of youth. I see the similarities. Great ability on the ball, running at people with the ball and that's what you want to see. I think he's got the bit between his teeth. He's more No10 than I ever was but he's very good at receiving the ball and turning quickly.

"He's only going to get better. That's his first start so considering that when you look at him and what he's done, he's made the second goal and shown enough there that we can say that he deserves his place in the squad and he's a great addition.

"We go to Brazil next week and hopefully he's going to be confident which is great. I don't think the manager would pick any player that he doesn't believe can start a game. That's a manager's choice. The good thing is that you've got a few of them lining up, putting in performances. Ox did it, Raheem Sterling has done it with his performances for Liverpool and glimpses of Barkley. That's a great problem for the manager.

"It's brilliant for him, brilliant for the team and individually to see him come through. It's great for the team to have players in those attacking areas who can make things happen. I'm sure he will have learnt a lot from the game in terms of positions to pick up, times to turn, times not to.
"But when you've got players like that in a team, players who can run away from people and make things happen, then you're very happy.

"He's a young boy and good luck to him. It's good to see him come in and do so well." 

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Comments about Lampard On Barkley
Anyone can clearly see that Ross Barkley loves playing for Everton. It's a bit difficult making a comparison between Ross Barkley and Wayne Rooney, as Ross is a midfielder and Wayne is a striker. That said, I do think that Ross is quicker in movement and has better creative play than what Wayne does. Also, Ross keeps a calm head and doesn't lose his temperament, he wears his heart on his sleeve for Everton and I think his loyalty will remain with the club and I can't see him doing a Wayne Rooney. Ross is better than that!
Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 11:14 AM 11/06/2014
Cannot agree enough with John T and Tony H, but the biggest dick of the lot on ITV has to be that useless sod Chiles. Why can't the powers that be within ITV realise what a boring, sycophantic twat he is. Mind you, the Beeb haven't exactly covered themselves in glory taking the druggie Ferdinand... Who the f**k wants to listen to his opinion?
Andy, Up North in bonnie Jockland, 10:00 PM 8/06/2014
John T, never a truer word said. Andy Townsend is a twat. It's the same whatever game he commentates on though. Put downs and negative comments for every player who doesn't play for the shite, the Arse, Chelsea, the Mancs or spurs. All commentators are the same but Townsend is top of the "I'm a cunt" table.
Tony H, Toxteth, 6:12 PM 7/06/2014
I can't see any similarities myself. Granted they are both from the Everton stable,but I do believe that Ginger McCain use to have a goat in with Red Rum.It was a nice young Billy but it would chase after Nannys.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 12:07 PM 7/06/2014
You look at Rooney's performances for us, he was outstanding with ability that was rarely seen by other players. He was free to do as he pleased because he is a striker. Ross plays in a more tactically important role and therefore needs to consider the impact his decisions have on the guys around and behind him. I worry that the media could be talking about Ross for the wrong reasons after the World Cup because they have never taken the time to actually understand his game.
Bazzalad, Crosby, 11:16 AM 7/06/2014
I'm deffo not a Ste "The Slip" Gerrard fan, but it was The Slip that advised Ross B to stay at Everton, just the one club; if he does, and El Bob stays for a while, too, Ross B will reach his maximum potential and, however long it takes, it will be worth waiting for!
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 12:02 AM 7/06/2014
Imagine Barkley and Rooney linking up at Everton. It's a shame the bald tosser wanted to do one from the club.
Bongo, Congo, 8:20 PM 6/06/2014
Just remain level headed,cause if you don't you will certainly be persecuted by the wrong damaging publicity that will affect your undoubted talent.Your destiny is in your hands Ross,surround your self with good people,the operative word being"Good"and do your self justice.Those stadiums are your oyster,and you are the pearl in our club.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 7:18 PM 6/06/2014
Did anyone notice the numerous snide little remarks that Andy Townsend was making about Ross Barkley during commentary on the Ecuador game? They culminated when Ross turned generous provider for the second goal and the 'carthorse' scored. Townsend said that the 'carthorse' did well considering that the pass from ross was 'badly weighted' or words to that effect. Townsend is a true twat of the highest order and I would urge all EFC fans to turn down their TVs and listen to radio commentary when ITV televise a game.
John T, Bristol, 2:35 PM 6/06/2014
Although Rooney was more explosive at the same age, Ross has superior vision and technique along with a focus and quiet determination about him that Rooney lacked. Hopefully, these character traits will see him reach the heights that everyone expected Rooney to hit but fell short of. Given time, Ross has it within him to become truly world class.
James, Preston, 1:26 PM 6/06/2014
Ross Barkley can be a great player, possibly better than Rooney IMHO. That's if he steers clear of injuries and has some luck and listens to the best players. Everyone wants him to do well and I hope he listens to them rather than the jumped up no marks in the media and on the internet.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:17 AM 6/06/2014
There are similarities but Ross has more skill and a better temperament. At minute, Rooney has a better end product but Barkley's potential is frightening. C'mon England
Michael Plant, Doncaster, 8:48 AM 6/06/2014
I'm liking Lampard more he has a better short game than SG and fits well with the youth and new comers and I would look for a mix of him with lalana barks ox and sterling ahead of guilty gee any day.
Ian , Prescot , 8:02 AM 6/06/2014
So far I have seen no evidence of him being a fat Penny pinching Judas that likes shagging grannies
Dan Mortz, Kent, 7:23 AM 6/06/2014
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