Barkley Shines For England But Hodgson Not Happy With Obsession
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Ross Barkley started his first game for England in the 2-2 draw against Ecuador last night.

The Everton midfielder now has 5 caps, but has still to complete 90 minutes for the national side.

Ross was involved in most good England moves and set up Lambert for his goal following a typical mazy run. He did overrun the ball a few times, but was still the player most likely to make something happen.

For many watching it was a toss up between Barkley and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was Man Of The Match. 

Lots of the papers are all on about Ross giving Roy Hodgson something to talk about, but the England manager was not happy with the "obsession"

redshite Didi Hamann said: "If Roy was unsure about one or two positions for the Italy game then Barkley has to be a must. The kid is special. Reminds me of Ballack."

Roy Hodgson said: "I think Ross Barkley had some good moments. I think he needs to learn when he can turn with the ball and when he has to keep the ball.

"But that's quite normal for a player his age. He'll be quite happy to have played so long on his first start.

"There always seems to be an enormous obsession with one player.

"I will be prepared to start any of the players in any game, but I'm not prepared to address your obsession with Ross Barkley.

"If he's going to be the player we want him to be, he has to make better decisions of when he turns with the ball." 

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Comments about Barkley Shines For England But Hodgson Not Happy With Obsession
You just have to buzz off the fact that the majority of that squad are Scousers either born or adopted, played within five miles of each other.
Az, Wavo, 1:08 AM 7/06/2014
I agree with 9 Andy Townsend is a twat.
Chris Simpson, Everton, 6:58 PM 6/06/2014
Sorry #9 (bitter, Liverpool) I have just said more or less the same as you in the 'Fat Frank' section before I had a chance to read your comments. I glad it's not just me who sees this high degree of uneducated bias. I had started to think that it was just me being paranoid. On the positive side - if Townsend keeps talking down our players then perhaps the vultures will ignore them next transfer window. Of course, that's only if they possess the same level of footballing ignorance as Townsend himself. Flipping the situation on its head - if an ignoramus like Townsend was praising EFC players then, perhaps, we should all start worrying.....
John T, Bristol, 3:29 PM 6/06/2014
No critism of Stirling from Roy!! He lost the ball in midfield, and put in a reckless challenge trying to win the ball back, and Ross is the one who needs to address his giving the ball away, but what do you expect from a former manager.
STEVEH, Manchester, 1:12 PM 6/06/2014
While trying to temper expectations of the lad which is the right thing to do..the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona etc never had expectations tempered. Never mind Roy who i think has best intentions in mind..was it just me or does Andy Townsend have an Everton issue?? did we knock him back at some point. He slates Baines, Jags, and while Ross was taking 5 players out of the game to set Lambert up to score...he suggested Ross could have shot twice and the pass was poor. why is this twat on the TV anyway?
bitter, Liverpool, 9:23 AM 6/06/2014
What Fwank said (did I say that wight)? Anyway.. Gewa Gwip Woy! Don't make out you don't rank him up there wiv the best of em!
doug, Liverpool , 9:07 PM 5/06/2014
When ever England have played Italy in the past,we invariably set up not to lose,and generally lose.So i say play Ross,for once throw caution to the wind,and for goodness sake give it a go.The Azzuri are beatable,and with the right selections,Sterling included,the Italian's nose's can be bloodied.Ross has the ability to run at anyone,and suck in a wreckless tackle or two from a nervous in the dark back line.This is a game that can assist the sale of fruit and veg in preparation to be thrown at a dismal early return home at Rome airport.Pirlo,excepted,Ross can be as big as anyone,the occasion wont phase him.Roy don't be brave,just sensible,then you might get a contract extension.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 5:08 PM 5/06/2014
Hodegson would happily turn him into a crab passing backwards just to keep ball ad rather he turned and done something positive with the ball and maybe loose it a dew times but most times he makes something happen England always play to negative go out attack and win the defence looks dodgey anyway
Mick Willo, Kirkby, 4:33 PM 5/06/2014
100% correct from Woy the Badger. The media, self-regarding tw*ts the lot of 'em, need to be kept at arms length from anything decent, new, learning, young. Should be banned permanently, frankly - but then, I'm a Blue, I'm a dreamer. While I'm here, I wish we were bidding for Fabregas...
Bleu, France, 4:30 PM 5/06/2014
Although Hodgson's cwiticism/outburst was well founded, his dewivewy was a bit (like he'd put it) a bit "Rank"! Airing his disdain on young Barkley's decision making on his first start for England for the whole World to see was a wucky move Woy! Gewa Gwip! And no, saying it's common in a young lad his age doesn't make it owight! A little less cweeping up to the media and a little more getting behind the pwayers who are going to give their arses and shit fwew their wibs for Queen and Countwy this summer will go a long way... Wwwwoy!
Fwank Wea, Speke, king Stweet, 3:06 PM 5/06/2014
Seems to me that Roy is trying to prove a point. That he's strong and won't bow to public opinion. He'll probably not start Ross against Italy to prove the point. He is a young lad with lots to prove but he's raw and exciting. We need this. Like we needed gazza, Owen, Rooney. Etc magical moments!
Kris eccleston, St helens, 3:05 PM 5/06/2014
IMHO Hodgson is spot on with those comments. Very sensible.
Paul, Warrington, 3:00 PM 5/06/2014
Bang on comment from Woy. Think we saw the best and worst of Ross last night, all in all a typical Barkley match.
Ste, Liverpool, 2:49 PM 5/06/2014
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