Italy Star Pirlo Impressed With Barkley
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Italian star Andrea Pirlo, who has 108 caps, has joined in the praise for Ross Barkley.

Italy knocked England out of Euro 2012 at the Quarter Final stage, but the 35 year old playmaker thinks with the young players will make a difference. 

Pirlo said: "It has always been a difficult game, playing against England. But it's one you look forward to, especially when it's during a World Cup or European Championship. It's the first game of the group stages, so it will be a tough and important one.

"New players have come in over the past two years. We will expect something different from England.

"I saw Ross Barkley play in the summer when we played Everton during a friendly in America. He made a big impression. I don't know too much about Adam Lallana, but people have told me good things about him.

"It's all to play for and the best team doesn't always go through. It is a very tight, evenly balanced group. Whoever goes through will have done better than the others."

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Comments about Italy Star Pirlo Impressed With Barkley
Didn't he win the Eurovision Song Contest this year?
G Norton, Ireland , 4:03 PM 9/06/2014
Ross looked the part in the games against Peru and Ecuador. Italy and Uruguay will be totally different and I hope he comes through well against both of them. Still wish he would learn the best time to release the ball, though I suppose it will come with time.
Paul, Warrington, 2:57 PM 5/06/2014
I'm sure Pirlo is impressed. The kid is a gem. Unfortunately for him and Italy he won't be facing him in Manaus because turkey neck will pick a safety first midfield of that odious bastard Gerrard Lampard Henderson and Milner. How depressing is that? Not an England fan by any means but that just puts years on me.
Cods head , Walton , 9:52 AM 5/06/2014
Good shout Pirlo.... You and the whole of England agree!!!!!
rick, plymouth, 11:22 PM 3/06/2014
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