Blue Kipper - What A Way To End It All
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So this is the last article on Blue Kipper. Ernie, Jogger, Lard and Sausage have left it to me to say goodbye, as they say Blue Kipper was "My Baby"

15 years of having a laugh! My Dad and hero, Ray Jones said to me early on "Do something you like and if they like it great. If not do it anyway."

I'm glad to say most of the time Everton fans have liked the site and when they didn't they let us know. To them I say "Thanks". 

It took us a while to get going when we first started, but gradually it became a monster and for 10 years, it took 4 of us all our spare time to keep it to a standard that the Everton fans liked.

We loved the Blue Kipper Lounge, organising over 40 Blue Kipper Do's, meeting our heros, chartering planes to Nuremberg, Bergan, Fiorentina and Kharkiv in the Ukraine.

If it wasnt for the Everton fans getting involved with the Blue Kipper website, none of the above would have happened.

Thanks for climbing Mt Everest at -10C and stripping off to reveal an Everton shirt and taking a photo and sending it in to Blue Kipper.

Thanks for sending in over 500 Me 'arl Fella's Shouts, which enabled us to bring out a book. Thanks for the thousands and thousands of photos sent in of your kids in kits, you pissed in a foregin country supporting The Toffees, your pets, your Everton boudiours, the Everton fans in the forces and more.

Thanks also for forcing me, even though I'm not into tattoos to show over a 1000 'Show Us Your Tatts'.

Over the 15 years like most of you we've had our personal ups and downs, with family births, deaths and marriages.

My own personal tragedy was when my son, Chris died at the age of 24. I'm forever thankful to "Everton In The Community" for allowing Blue Kipper to play at Goodison Park a few weeks before he died. He told me after the game that "it was the best day of my life". I'm also forever grateful to all the Everton fans for the tributes you paid to him. Thanks.

I'm very proud to say that over the years we have raised over £30,000 for charities including EITC from our online auctions and raffles and auctions at our Sportsman's nights. Again Thanks.

The most enjoyable thing though without a doubt has been meeting so many Evertonians, mostly from Merseyside, but I now have Evertonian friends from all over the world. I look forward to meeting up with you all soon.

So that's it, despite offers, which other people would have taken, to buy our domain name and sell mickey mouse t-shirts on the site or open it as a dodgy porn channel, Blue Kipper will stay frozen in time for you to browse at your will and no doubt right click and save. Fill your boots.

If you still want a bit of Blue Kipper follow the twitter account @bluekippercom as this will stay online.

So now, like you all, I await the new season watching Everton from The Upper Bullens with our Dan and looking forward to marrying Blue Liver Bird or as I call her Jayney.

As Deaf School said: What a way to end it all.

Up The Toffees.

Steve Jones. Follow @kipper_efc on twitter.

Email Bluekipper at enquiries@bluekipper.com

Comments about Blue Kipper - What A Way To End It All
I have to say I miss it here. No such a fan site for Everton that is on one hand so local to the team, and then is so global that fans like me in HK can enjoy visting. Must say that you have done so much for every Everton fans here and big thanks to you all at BK.com
martin, Hong Kong, 12:19 PM 27/08/2015
Thanks, site will live forever, Quality. Very best wishes.
Terry Williams, West Derby, 2:08 PM 22/08/2015
I'm 25 years old, and for as long as i can remember this site has been my blue bible. I'm grateful for the endless blue banter you've shared. If i ever meet any of you... a beer on me. enjoy your retirement. Top men. Credit to the club.
Chris, London, 9:59 AM 14/08/2015
I'm currently wondering aimlessly around the internet looking for a replacement...... Any ideas?
Peter, At Work, 11:05 AM 28/07/2015
A big thanks to you guys :'(
Cafm, India , 3:10 AM 27/07/2015
Thanks lads,used to be my favourite website,not just for everton stuff ,but everything life throws at you.i remember the first time I heard of blue kipper I was at an everton game down at filbert st Leicester ,early 2000s a lad came round handing out business cards with blue kipper on,at the time I never even had a computer ,but liked the name and the logo,shortly after got myself online and was a regular for years.thanks again lads
Jmmyblueballs, Peterborough, 2:33 PM 26/07/2015
Easily my favourite site on the Internet for 10 years. I have no idea how to change my home screen, but now I am going to have to.
Jo, Burton, 12:56 AM 24/07/2015
Grown up with the site as my old man introduced it to me as a kid in the early days. Couldn't come close to a figure for the amount of times you've had me in hysterics. Through the highs and lows there has always been a piece that articulated exactly what most of us were feeling. Excellent work, thank you very much. All the best for the future. COYB
BJT, London, 10:54 PM 20/07/2015
Thankyou. Good luck and God bless you all.... Still gutted
Hobster, Bournemouth , 11:14 PM 18/07/2015
Great independent website over the years. good luck & good health to you all.
mikem, warrington, 7:33 AM 14/07/2015
All good things come to an end. Hugely enjoyed the site. Thanks and enjoy your retirement. R
Rob Murphy, Brussels, 12:02 PM 13/07/2015
Any regrets or thoughts of starting up again. Pre-season transfer rumours not the same without BK.
G, Dublin, 4:57 PM 12/07/2015
Who do I moan to now?
Crocky, Croxteth, 12:32 AM 12/07/2015
So long and... thanks for all the fish! My Everton browsing has always flitted between BK and Toffeeweb and I genuinely hope now that some of the positivity and fun that were hallmarks of this site find their way on to the genuinely excellent but perhaps a little too serious/negative TW boards. I'll especially miss the Something Fishies, which were the best transfer round-ups back in the day - I can still fondly remember my first discovery of these pages and became an avid follower of the goss. Good luck to all who ran the site and visited regularly, though I'm a London-based blue I do aim for at least a couple of pilgrimmage's each year (Arsenal and QPR last time out!) so I hope to see you all at some point at the grand old lady. Enjoy the rest of the summer (and hopefully the exciting signings that come with it) and COYB!
Chris James, London, 5:30 AM 11/07/2015
After writing out so many comments, over the years, it's hard to believe that this is the last time. I was crying, reading about your boy and the day after I found out that one of my best mates from Lancs (C.C.C) tragically passed away, when I was in bits anyway. A Manc, Man U fan, and a truly lovely fella, who respected the Toffees. I'm just sad, all round. Thanks for being a typically Evertonian entity-like 'When Sky's are Grey'; something we can all be proud of. All the very best for the future, boys.
Paul Newton, Bootle., 11:20 PM 10/07/2015
The voice of Evertonians will never wilt, this website from inception till close, has been a great and true bastion of the faith, for all we know and follow EFC. As in life, we must do what is right and all the best, to the die yards whom have ran this site and the great Evertonians following who have made it, the legend which it is. Slainte , "What's Our Name?" Good luck and Lykka Til!
El Cid , Offshore, 10:55 PM 10/07/2015
Cheers fellas it's been a blast!
Giraffebloke, Darkest Denbigh, 3:06 PM 10/07/2015
It's been a great life line for those away from Blighty. I sense an almost fate fultwist, but let's hope that times improve for EFC and all of us Evertonians. For which we know our institution as a club deserves better days. Memories last and fade, amongst many the late 70s and mid 80s in my time, were the halcyon days my life is set on. Still whatever happens, we Evertonians wil never give up. I do feel for the people of the last 30 years , which has been dark days on scant success?All The Best to all the Blue Kipper Team and Evertonians a cross, the globe. Nb so far this xfer window, it looks like we are in the hoax market for players, the crap in the press, sums up our plight in this pre season. Miracles can happen! "What's Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 12:34 AM 10/07/2015
Gosh.....you never miss a good thing until it' gone.....Thanks a mil lads for all the laughs, and great reports and information. Won't be he same without you. best of luck to you all. God bless. COYB.
eddie, Ireland, 5:41 PM 9/07/2015
So this is what it sounds like when doves cry
Prince, The New Power Genertion, 3:18 PM 9/07/2015
It's not gonna be the same logging on to my laptop and going directly to Blue Kipper. I now need a new home page! Thank you to the whole BK team for the past 15 years.
Hanny, Skelmersdale, 5:00 PM 5/07/2015
Cheers to all at BK. un real website, couldn't have been any better. Any chance of a change of heart........? If not thanks and goodbye
Dave, County Durham , 11:31 AM 5/07/2015
I have to drown my sorrows in a barrel of chang ! Thanks for everything
LES, PHUKET, 8:39 AM 5/07/2015
Gutted! Thanks for the memories. Good luck
John, Garstang, 8:29 PM 4/07/2015
A massive thank you lads for everything. I also remember the day Chris played at Goodison an he was absolutely bouncing off the walls with pure excitement that night when I spoke to him about it. Thanks for everything!!!
Dave, Everton, 7:14 PM 4/07/2015
sorry to see you go boys you were a great everton link.....good luck for the future.......COYB
bigals, usa via netherton, 6:45 PM 4/07/2015
Hasta Siempre muchachos.
Gerry Morrison, Los Angeles (and Bootle), 7:59 PM 3/07/2015
Personally devastated that this is the end for BK. Thank you for all your work and commitment. all the best with your futures! COYB
Jack, Liverpool, 12:32 PM 3/07/2015
A massive thanks from all of us who live so far from the old lady. You are a shining example of Everton's heart and fabric.
Ivor, G st, 12:03 PM 3/07/2015
it's been emotional
billy latta, norn iron, 11:59 AM 3/07/2015
Good luck Steve and the chaps. Had many good times on the forum and met some amazing people, many of who have joined our forum. Kipper is an institution amongst Evertonians and holds some of my funniest online memories. Best of luck with whatever you all do in the future. Cheers Snoop and the crew at TheEvertonForum.co.uk/forum
Snoopjiggyjigg, Work!, 8:39 AM 3/07/2015
Just want to say thank you for all your hard work in keeping the site going, as a web designer myself I know what goes into it. Fully understand your reasons why and applaud you for not selling the domain name on to whoever might do anything with it. Good luck guys you will be missed by many!
Paul, Almeria Spain, 10:47 PM 2/07/2015
As a Blue in exile, I got my daily fix from you as true, warm-hearted, generous, knowledgeable, passionate, funny, intelligent, understanding, frustrated, energetic, excitable Evertonians. The great quotes about Evertonians and our beloved club and all it stands for have probably all been already published; or enlightened and enhanced by the mighty mind of Micky Blue Eyes. I would just have loved you all to have come up with another we can carry in our hearts and minds. Live on until you do that one last thing for us, Bluekipper!
Richo, Peterborough, 9:24 PM 2/07/2015
Thanks for all the laughs fellas and especially the hard work. My favourite EFC site and a daily must visit. Over to Toffee Web now the which is another great site but nowhere near as irreverent as BK. COYB FTRS for the last time lol
Billy Bluenose, Bristol, 7:31 PM 2/07/2015
Behind every BK article there was always a hidden message that read Be Who You Are & Say What You Feel coz Those Who Mind Don't Matter & Those Who Matter Are EVERTONIAN! Thanks for breaking my heart u bastards!
Doug, Top of the Radio City Tower, 4:38 PM 2/07/2015
Cheers for all the hard work and dedication. Loved the site and gutted it will be no more. All the best.
Si Harwood, Bolton, 12:38 PM 2/07/2015
Thanks for everything you have done for your fellow blues over the years! good luck for the future lads
Chris Inwood, Merseyside, 11:53 AM 2/07/2015
Cheers lads, now I'll have nothing to flick to when she walks in the room, she thinks I get really excited over it...."what's that you're watching, oh just bluekipper, ' I'd say....well not no more , thanks lads what I'm i going to say now. Good luck
Kev, Runcorn, 10:43 AM 2/07/2015
Thanks for everything, still remember meeting some of you in Everton One when you were abusing some foreign supporters of 'the team that is only here because of us'. It was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for everything.
Dave , Melbourne, Australia, 4:55 AM 2/07/2015
Sad news indeed. Feel a bit let down now. Been living in the land down under, but always felt I was back home reading the many articles and views of the fans. Being dyslexic I wont miss the verify bit. Good luck to all who have entertained me over the last 12 years.
Mark, Perth Aus, 2:50 AM 2/07/2015
I'm fillin' up lads...Seriously!!! Thanks a million. I'd love to buy you all a thank you drink for the tremendous work you've done for all us exiled blues in particular over the years but that probably aint gonna happen. So just bask in the warm blue Everton glow of thanks from all of us who've followed Blue Kipper religiously all this time. I'll start the nomination for you all to be entered in to the Gwlady's St Hall of Fame. Cheers.
Gerard Ryan, Huntingdon, 9:08 PM 1/07/2015
Many thanks to Steve and all who contributed. A great site that will be sorely missed. Where do we send the flowers? Good luck for the future!
Balcony Blue, Maghull, 7:13 PM 1/07/2015
Good luck lads with whatever you pursue, ta.COYB
daz.m, St.helens, 6:18 PM 1/07/2015
nothing good about this, gutted the site is going.
Steve, formby, 5:35 PM 1/07/2015
Seriously or is this a joke? You are leaving us with the miserable bastards at toffeeweb?!?!
Ped, Toronto, 4:03 PM 1/07/2015
Thanks Lads for all your hard work and time over the years quality site and will be sorely missed . COYB
Bakes, Perth, Australia, 3:45 PM 1/07/2015
A massive thanks to everyone involved with producing bluekipper.It was one of the first websites I logged onto at the start of everyday and hugely appreciated and enjoyed. All the best with everything you do in the future.You will be sadly missed by all who have visited your site from all over the world.COYB.....
Dave c, Runcorn , 2:56 PM 1/07/2015
nice one lads. you cant be replaced but for any blues out there looking for a new home grandoldteam is good. and toffeetalk. "boss site lads" all the best steve sausage and everyone
andy, kirkby, 2:10 PM 1/07/2015
BK - one of the very few reasons I even use the internet at all.
John T, Bristol, 12:46 PM 1/07/2015
Thanks for a great site and one full of fantastic content that constantly made my lunch hours go too quick! All the best for the future. COYB!
Russ, Birmingham, 12:09 PM 1/07/2015
A big, big thanks guys for running the site for so long. Will miss the daily unbiased news, the laughs and sharing the lows. I always try to remain positive, but the only positives I can think of will be saving money via your auctions, my missus killed me when I bought Joey Yobo's Nigeria shirt and the boss will be happy as I might do some work now!! Once again a big thanks COYB
Dave the Blue, Lymington Hampshire, 10:37 AM 1/07/2015
Will miss you Bluekipper. What a shame you have to end it! Thank you for the Alex Young evening which I took my Dad to. But all good things must come to an end - good luck to you all for the future. NSNO.
Kevin Holland, Birkenhead, 10:09 AM 1/07/2015
Good luck to you and Thank You.
Stevo69, Formby, 9:12 AM 1/07/2015
Tanks vey much lads. My favourite site has given me so many laughs over the years. I will really miss the site but understand the hard work it took. Best of luck for the future. COYB! JRinLymm
John Randle, Lymm, 8:35 AM 1/07/2015
Can't believe it, this as sad as the day Alan Ball left Everton. Great site, thanks and good luck to all at BK.
Pete Randall, St. Ives, Cornwall, 8:06 AM 1/07/2015
Thanks for all the enjoyment you have given us all over the yearswith all the effort & hardwork you and the guys have put in. In particular for posting my picture with my hero as a kid the legend that is Graeme Sharp. Once a Blue always a Blue. Wishing you all the best for the future Nil Satis Optimum
thanks lads for 15 years of fun and entertainment . will be sadly missed. wishing you all. all the best for the future
gary edge, culcheth, 12:27 AM 1/07/2015
Thank you! COYB!
Ciaran, Dublin, 12:01 AM 1/07/2015
What a shame Blue Kipper is no more! Thanks for the great articles lads, good luck in your future ventures! On a personal note I'm starting my career on GiveMeSport.com perhaps you can read one of my articles sometime! Au Revoir.
Max, West Mids , 11:36 PM 30/06/2015
Love blue kipper ! Will miss it Steve good luck to you and Jayne !!!! Up the toffees !!!!!COYB
Coaly, Carlisle , 11:30 PM 30/06/2015
Thank you for everything. You posted my picture as far back as 2004, and I loved the site before then, and ever since... Good luck for whatever you do with all the spare time this will free up... COYB!
Tom Elliott, Hertfordshire, 11:20 PM 30/06/2015
Thnaks chaps it's been a blast
Bluenose1, Around and about, 11:18 PM 30/06/2015
Thank you for everything. You posted my picture as far back as 2004, and I loved the site before then, and ever since... Good luck for whatever you do with all the spare time this will free up... COYB!
Tom Elliott, Hertfordshire, 11:18 PM 30/06/2015
NICE ONE LADS!!! And good luck. With the future.
Liam, Kirkby, 11:16 PM 30/06/2015
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