Dyke Sells the FA Cup
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While Greg Dyke was lecturing the world and his wife about corruption at FIFA he managed to slide something under the radar.

So far it's been ignored by media.

For the next three years the FA Cup won't exist. Dyke and the FA have sold it to an airline. From now on it will be known as the Emirates FA Cup.

Qatar might have bought World Cup 2022. But now the UAE have bought the oldest and most loved football competition in the world.

There's no hairs on Greg's FA is there. Not that he was hiding it behind the FIFA investigation, no sir.

So Everton and everyone else can forget about winning the FA Cup because it won't exist for at least three years.

Think about it next time you see Greg's kipper on TV.



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Comments about Dyke Sells the FA Cup
Did Gregg ever return that ?16,000 watch he got as a gift?
Spectator, Crosby, 10:03 AM 8/06/2015
Finally someone with sense, rhodris-dad you are spot on. When agents came in representing players, the rot set in. Now there is no allegiance to your club - you wait until there is a sniff from another club who will offer you higher pay and probably cup winning choice. I suspect that there are maybe only a handful of players around who do not let there heads get turned. They look deeper into the possibilities of moving to a "big" club but wonder if they will spend most of their time keeping the bench warm instead of playing - they don't allow their heads to be turned and stay were they are. Likes of Baines, Barkley, Stones. I hope they realise that money isn't everything and that they can make Everton compete with the rest if they stayed and helped the club reach the higher echelons without the help of rich moguls.
kiwi, NZ, 10:37 AM 7/06/2015
It's completely forgivable of course as the fa are broke and on their knees so need the money (just like Fifa with their 1.6Bn in the bank). If only it were true then maybe you could forgive them. Or maybe if the money really did find its way to grass roots football. Not a chance. More lining of greedy pockets
Bruiser ray, Donny, 12:52 AM 6/06/2015
Dyke is a hypocrite that is getting away with all sorts because of his friends in the media. While he is pretending to be the shining light in football, everybody is meant to forget that he thought it was OK to take a ?16 grand watch as a gift and refused to give it back when the rest of FIFA returned theirs. Can't stand the prick....
Chris B, Crosby, 3:27 PM 5/06/2015
What's that old saying to do with greenhouses and stones? The whole world is f**king corrupt. Football is rotten to the core and so are other sports with spot betting, drug cheats etc. Good job I treat football as just a day on the piss. (or do I?)
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 12:21 PM 4/06/2015
Typical of the hypocrisy of that shyster Dyke, the BBC and the UK media in general. Par for the course then.....
John T, Bristol, 9:08 AM 4/06/2015
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