Lukaku Aiming For Twenty Goals
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Romelu Lukaku is just one goal away from scoring 20 in a season. Yakubu scored 20 in 2007-08 for Everton.

The 21 year old was happy to score but was disappointed with the defeat at Villa.

Luka said: "We started off too slowly. We gave them the game, especially in the first-half.

"But in the second-half we reacted very well but then conceded the third goal.

"We kept fighting to the end but they didn't win the game, we gave them the game and we need to work harder next week and get a result back at home.

"When we scored to make it 2-1, I felt we even had the chance to go and win the game because we had momentum and had good possession. I was really into the game but they scored the third goal.

"We need to play like we did in the second-half here against Sunderland. We have to have a go at them.

"They are in a relegation battle and have pressures on themselves so we need to play like we did in the second-half here and as we did against United and take the initiative.

"I would have five or six more if I hadn't been injured but that's football.

"I want to keep on scoring but I also want to win games.

"I am a team player and though I'm happy to keep scoring but I'm in football to win games.

"I'm happy with the penalty but we didn't win. On to the next now, hopefully I score and we win."

Will Rom score 20 this season? Comment Below. 

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Comments about Lukaku Aiming For Twenty Goals
Please reinstate Leighton Baines as our penalty taker. Lukaku's body language has head in the hands written all over him.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 12:50 PM 6/05/2015
I think Rom is a tremendous player. We allow Ross Stonesy and Garbutt leeway because they are young but he is the same age! When he is on his game he is top drawer in terms of pace power and finishing. His touch has improved and will get better in time and he needs to show more consistency and desire. Can't understand why we haven't played Mirallas behind him over a period of say 5 games to see if that worked. I obviously mean b4 KM started kicking off about leaving!
Terry, Chester, 8:42 PM 5/05/2015
Fact of the matter is, he's had a shit season and still scored 20 minus 1 goals in all comps. Reality is, Everton havent had a striker anywhere near as good as him since the Yak. He's getting better and if roumours are right, we are in the market for another top rated striker to work along side him. As for his 1st touch that everyone seems to moan about. IMHO, it's a blessing his 1st touch is abysmal otherwise we'd be selling him back to Chelsea with one yr left on his contract and we'd need another striker to fill in the 20 or so goals with or without a stunning 1st thouch! Trust me, we done good getting the Tank and we will do miles better next season even if we just keep hold of Lennon and sign TC from MU. Ideally we need 1 extra player for the 1st team up and down the park to get us fighting for 4th spot again. Would love Delboy back big time! Please Bill?. Please!
doug, Liverpool, 5:44 PM 5/05/2015
Bit unfair these comments. He's improved, steadily, all season. He is a threat, but yes, he could (and will) be more of one - but I think his biggest problem is neither he nor his manager seem sure of the best way to use him. With a partner? If so - get him one - and not utter dunces like Kone or mere journeymen like Naismith. It should be him and Ross. It should certainly be tried.
bleu, france, 8:02 AM 5/05/2015
Even if he does reach 20 he's still a very average player taking all things discussed about him all season into account, not least having the touch of an elephant. He has 9 goals in the premiership so far, well down the top scorers table. Jelavic who was sold for buttons compared to what was spent on Lukaku has scored 8 in the league so far.
G, Dublin, 8:19 PM 4/05/2015
20 goals should be his league target then another target based on cup and euro games.the team haven't been great either.Due to injuries and playing out of position.Another forward is a must his summer to push him more and to replace him when a rest is needed
tony, lancashire, 5:52 PM 4/05/2015
To say he could score 20 goals this season, he's been Shiite. Partly not his fault because of the way we play and lack of service, but I don't know how he dares suggest a move. He owes us another 20 next season...and next time make them game changing goals, not just goals in games we lose. Think he's been knocking around with super Kevin too much
Dave, County Durham, 3:55 PM 4/05/2015
The team haven't played to his strengths but there's been times when he hasn't helped himself. One thing's certain, he isn't a target man because his first touch isn't good enough in tight situations. But he's deadly if he's given space. Still needs to use his physique more.
Spectator, Crosby, 2:59 PM 4/05/2015
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