Evertonians Invade Switzerland.
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It's estimated there'll be about 4,000 Evertonians at the match against Young Boys of Bern later tonight. That's in a stadium of 31,000 capacity.

Once again us Blue Noses have invaded Europe in huge numbers. This is in spite of us having a poor league season. This is phenomenal.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and bring credit to the club as we usually do.

So let's hope a few knob heads don't spoil it for everyone else the way some Chelsea fans did in Paris for their Champions League game against PSG.

Fingers crossed, the UEFA Europa League is our one remaining chance for glory this season. We want to be in the Final in Poland at the end of the season.

If the boys play the way they have in the other European fixtures we should do well and set it up for another successful night in the return at Goodison next week. But YB won't be a pushover and nobody should think they will be.



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Comments about Evertonians Invade Switzerland.
Blues are best in the land. Players should play their heart out for them.
Joe, Merseyside, 1:22 PM 19/02/2015
Where have I heard the word Phenomenal before? :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 12:34 PM 19/02/2015
Yer right .............. it's just phenomenal.
Stefan, Hightown, 7:11 AM 19/02/2015
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