Everton In The Money With Premier League Cash Cow
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The premier league have announced that the TV rights were sold in a staggering £5.136billion deal starting 2016/17.

The phenomenal (as Roberto would say) revenue means each game will bring in £10.2m. It is a rise of more than 70 per cent on the £3.018bn for 2013-16.

This means in the 2016-17 season the bottom club in the Premier League will earn £99m in central prize money each season, up from £62m and the highest earning club can expect around £156m, up from £97.5m.

SKY TV have won the most packages including the new Friday night games.


Package A comprises 28 games on Saturday lunchtimes (12.30pm).
Package C has 28 games kicking off between 1.30pm and 2.15pm on Sundays. Pack A has 6 'first pick' games from 38 rounds and B has 9 first picks.
Package D is the 4pm Sunday bundle of 28 games - crucially with 18 'first pick' games.
Package E is the 'Monday night football' (8pm) bundle, with 18 games on Mondays plus 10 on Fridays; this is the first time Premier League games will be shown live on Friday evenings. There are no first picks in this package.
Package G is a bundle of 14 games on Bank Holidays and other Sunday matches with two first picks.


Package B has 28 games at tea-time on Saturdays (5.30pm)
Packages F has 14 games, a mix of midweek and Saturday games including three first picks.

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Comments about Everton In The Money With Premier League Cash Cow
I think everyone is missing the point here. 2016/17 season? If we keep playing the way we have for the last few months and players keep insisting they want away and RM won't change his playing system then we wont even be in the fucking premiere league never mind how much we will get. Fuck the money and let's get our beloved everton back to winning ways with players that want to play for us and if they don't then DO ONE and QUICK
Markblue3, Huyton, 8:31 PM 14/02/2015
To Don comment number two. LIE DOWN AND TAKE IT LIKE A COWARD , did you go to lille away this season and see the price I bet your last pound which with your attitude would be easy to take you all dressed in blue in front of the telly
shaun, toxteth, 12:58 AM 12/02/2015
I fell your pain, I support local sports. Hockey (OHL Belleville Bulls) some players go on to earn millions in Canadian funds (NHL) and we have to live around the schedule the league comes up with since we did so damn well. I have decided his, I am a true fan of sports, to see a player raise the game, make the greatest play. To be there and witness it is priceless. I have a crazy saying I use and its " I knew him when he was a nobody" end of the day I saw something I will tell my grandchildren about . Enjoy the moment, Everton is a name now known by millions of people. They are the peoples club and for me .........the ignorant now know about the players who play for the true love of the game.....not the money.
Brendan, Canada, 10:39 PM 11/02/2015
It's all irrelevant fellas us real supporters will travel where ever when ever at what ever time because we love Everton we can not change "change" !!
James Duffy, Witney, 7:56 PM 11/02/2015
What this means for us is either leave at 4.00 am for a home match or get home at 2.30 am from a home match. No one gives 2 fucks about the travelling faithful !
Ivor, G st, 1:14 PM 11/02/2015
So over three years we gain more than ?100 million by standing still? Are we ever going to get a better chance of paying for that new stadium?
Little ste, Upper gwladys, 12:35 PM 11/02/2015
Time for players and agents to realise they've already taken enough out of the game and to hold off for four years or so. The new money can be used for the benefit of fans and clubs, in our case by building that new stadium we badly need, without which we can never hope to compete consistently at the top. The players and their agents already cream off more than enough, now it's the turn of the fans to benefit. If that doesn't happen sooner or later I can see fans deserting the game for good.
Spectator, Crosby, 12:17 PM 11/02/2015
Season ticket for Bayern Munich, ?109, and they get 80,000 people every game. That's how to do it
Kenney, Stonehaven, 10:54 AM 11/02/2015
Tv money worth more,but costs will go up.
BlueBerry, Shires, 9:58 AM 11/02/2015
Make it compulsory for subsidy at ?20 max a Prem ticket. Make the Prem match, ? for ?, any club investment made in new stadiums. This way virtually all Everton fans will be able to watch their team in the flesh on a regular basis in our brand new mega stadium. Prioritise tickets for UK residents and UK born ex-pats. Admission to ground on condition that fan ID and ticket correspond, so as to prevent black market sales. Non attendance by corporate ticket holders (ideally corporates should be banned anyway) must result in their future permanent exclusion.
John T, Bristol, 9:35 AM 11/02/2015
It will be interesting to see exactly how the money increases pans out through transparency, and if we get a few bob ? Lets look at ways to fill the ground every match, although i think the club have made the pricing competitive. Get rid of the debt. Most importantly push forward for a new stadium, as this in itself will provide great potential for increased revenue should the TV gravy train suddenly crash.
LES, PHUKET, 6:36 AM 11/02/2015
although generating money for our club, this is ultimately another kick in the teeth for real supporters!
Anthony, Fleetwood, 6:18 AM 11/02/2015
Anyone so delusional as to believe that this deal will reduce costs to fans has my sympathies. All of that grossly inflated fee, and a healthy profit on top, is going to have to be paid for by someone. Give your head a shake if you can't work out who.
Don Alexander, Birkenhead, 12:47 AM 11/02/2015
Season tickets two hundred pound for an adult and one hundred pounds under twenty one and oap,s any where in the stadium. This should go for every prem team. .Most we will get is a price freeze as players pockets will be bulging
shaun, toxteth, 11:26 PM 10/02/2015
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