Too Soft
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People always have something to say especially when things don't go the right way. Ex Everton hero Andy Gray believes Everton have gone too soft.

He may have a point. Once Macca went off and with no Mo against Newcastle, we don't seem to have anybody who can stamp their authority on the game.

Andy Gray said: "I'm a little concerned, if I'm honest. Roberto is maybe trying to soften Everton a little too much. The stats don't lie, and Everton's defending is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

"The one thing I remember under David Moyes was Everton were one of the toughest teams to play against in the Premier League. They were extremely tough to break down, they were extremely well organised, and they just seem less so to me now.

"A little bit too much football for me, a little bit too soft for me, and I think that has been reflected in results. I am concerned. Roberto needs to rethink his strategy because without a doubt there are problems."

Is Andy correct? Do you care?


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Comments about Too Soft
RM is not a bad manager. He got Everton playing good football last year. Our Style last year was similar to the pricier clubs which we dont have the money to play in europe at that level. To me its on a chance, even martinez even quoted his job is (money)limited at Everton. The solution is a big buyer that from what season ticket holders in the know and their contacts is that wealthy buyers wont buy because Bill wants to stay at the top and that means its unappealing to buyers. Dont use RM as a scape goat. Its the fickle the board you should point your finger at for to little to late at this present time. Solution sell players of worth and improve again.
BlueBerry, Shires, 7:30 AM 30/12/2014
The team have lost confidence. No relegation fight, but no Champions League challenge either. Back to our usual mid table mediocrity.
Peter, Tranmere, 2:18 PM 29/12/2014
I believe we are to soft and other clubs have work our style of play,it also worries me that Martinez cant change his style of play and we know what he did at wigan
geoff, essex, 2:16 PM 29/12/2014
Not a fan of Andy Gray at all but must say he is spot on here. At the minute we are gifting goals away to mediocre teams and the second and third yesterday were prime examples. As Tony Adams said in his book, defending is easy just get the ball as far away from your goal as quickly as possible !!!
Harvey, Coventry, 1:41 PM 29/12/2014
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