What Future?
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What is the future of Everton Football Club as a major national and international name in the sport?

The shite have just announced construction will begin in the near future to expand analfield to a capacity of 59,000.

Meanwhile we're stuck in an out of date ground with a capacity of 39,000 and no chance of expansion. Talk of another tier on the Park End is a waste of time because it could never make payback of the cost never mind make a significant net difference to revenues. Tottenham completely redeveloped their ground and it made no difference, so they're now looking to build a new one. Nothing can be done at Goodison because it is surrounded by houses and other buildings.

Had Kirkby gone ahead it would be nearing completion with a capacity of 50,000 and the potential for expansion when needed.

Even if preliminary proposals for a new ground at Walton Hall Park eventually go ahead it will probably be ten years before we move in.

So what does this mean for the future status of Everton? Can we ever again hope to compete at the highest level while we're stuck at Goodison Park?

What are your CONSTRUCTIVE  thoughts? Comment below.


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Comments about What Future?
Let's get the "preliminary proposals" for Walton Hall Park confirmed even if it is 10 years before we move in. We've been fart arsing around for far too long already.
Dave, Auckland NZ, 4:27 AM 9/12/2014
With the Scandinavian birth rate on a steep decline, it would surely be prudent for RS to move to a much smaller stadium - preferably somewhere in Scandinavia itself.
John T, Bristol, 3:23 PM 8/12/2014
My constructive thought is GET WALTON HALL PARK BUILT! Even Oldham, Tranmere, Exeter City and other small clubs have managed to find the money to build new grounds or new facilities. I wouldn't wait for that fat idiot Anderson to do something, all he is is a jobsworth who does nothing for the city. If I've read the news right the basic plans are already done, all it needs is money and detailed design. If we're stuck where we are for another ten years it's obvious it's another decade of holding off the bailiffs. If the unthinkable happened and we got relegated that would be the end of Everton as a major force or as a hope for the future. This can't go on, we're bound to get a really bad run sooner or later. Build new or die!
Paul, Warrington, 12:46 PM 8/12/2014
Redshite got 60,000 who cares? they better expand liverpool airport for all the Norwegian lads coming over. WE DONT CARE WHAT THE REDSHITE SAY...
J, Liverpool , 1:55 PM 6/12/2014
I have to say I think we would fill a 50,000 seater stadium easily. I was living in Huddersfield when they got their new stadium. I would go to a few games at the old 'Leeds Road' where they got between 5/6,000 every week. They moved to the new ground and with all the curiosity, pride and none obstructed views at the new place interest was raised. The crowds went up to 18,000 a week!!! Then a few seasons later when doing well in the Championship they were up to 24,000! Now back down to around 16,000 a week those are numbers that NEVER would have been achieved at the old ground! So to think we wouldn't have more fans coming out the woodwork is daft. I'm sure this has happened at other new grounds too. Also if we have extra space we could introduce properly reduced tickets for OAPs and the unemployed or Special Dad & a Lad prices? I think getting the kids in cheaper with deffo get them hooked and will create more loyal supporters not just fans in the future.
Dan, Southport, 1:49 PM 6/12/2014
all this living in their shadow lark sad men or women the lot of you ! they been spending and wasting cash for years turning good players shit for years too ! this will continue while they buy too many players. i honestly think we are going the best way by having a close knit squad who know they are going to get games ! another year or two out of the champions league combined with the price they have to pay for their stadium will see them drop into the lower half of the league , i feel sure ! combine this with the inevitable end of stevie the whiston wools career and they be in transition for years ! dont be worrying about the shower of shite across the road and focus on getting behind our team ! come on you blues , 3 points today ! oh what fun it is to see Everton win away !
fred, runcorn, 1:15 PM 6/12/2014
'Stuck at Goodison Park'? Have some fucking respect! My Scottish mate made his first visit with me for the Celtic game, the other week and was rightly impressed.
Paul Newton, Bootle, 12:36 PM 6/12/2014
Will only believe the Walton Park project when i see a cement mixer and a quantity surveyor with a calculator.For what is a couple of decades now,not only have we missed the boat,but the whole fleet.Something has to happen,and very soon,as much as i adore the Old Lady,it's a mill stone around our ankles.The Kirby attempt would have been a complete disaster,we need to be realistic,we wont fill a 50,000 seater,we don;t have the fan base,just wait and watch West Ham's move to Stratford,they will be the larfin stock of London,they will put their "Bubbles"ditty on hold and replace there entrance with "Ghost Town"by the Specials.That's what we have to consider,biting off more than we can chew.I sit opposite our measly amount of corporate box's and more often than not there not even fully occupied.That's a form of barometer we truly need to consider.We in some capacity have been enduring a slow puncture of melt down for far too long now,so any potential for move has to be implemented to resuscitate our future and capitol wealth.The Walton move sounds our best bet,please the power broker's out there make sure it gets the seal of approval,if we don't our beloved Goodison will become an extension of Anfield Cemetery.On a hard to swallow finishing note,when the adjustments to Anfield will be completed,i am one of those local residents that endures once again the even bigger shadow of there success.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 9:49 AM 6/12/2014
Why can't we build on the Stanley Park site that the S**te where going to? One rule for them and f**k all for us as usual . Far too many gob s**te on the council board me thinks!
The Big Man, Formby, 9:22 AM 6/12/2014
"It will probably 10 years before we move in". Get a grip. Why do you write such a negative invite for the naysayers and doom mongerers. Is it any wonder the half empty merchants outnumber the positive thinkers on this site? You're basically saying the board haven't a clue. Well, this is evidently not the case. Try writing something positive for once. You might even get 'supporters' writing in.
Phil Williams, Nottingham, 7:04 AM 6/12/2014
I am going to put a positive spin on this and say that i think we will have some great news by the start of next season as to a ground move. I believe the Walton Park move will happen for many reasons, availability, need for redevelopement, council backing etc. When we have a super brand new stadium in a fresh area and new start it will attract investors due to its visual appeal as well as wha make Everton specialt. I think there will be envious eyes from the redside who are locked into a poor rundown area of town. With respect to the people who live in the proximity of the two current grounds, its grim like a kickback to Dickens in some places, the people deserve better from what we all know is a depressing area with houses that should have been demolished years ago for something better. I think that the area around Goodison including the stadium will eventually be demolished and maybe becomes a retail park also with leisure facilities for the benefit of all. We move on like many other clubs and their supporters do with new grounds and a new vision. Personally without opening another can of worms Kikby was a disaster waiting to happen due to it being in Kirkby not Liverpool, we are the original Liverpool club, not by name but by History, the world needs to know it but from my experience living abroad, as yet they dont.
LES, PHUKET, 4:53 AM 6/12/2014
Should've gone to Kirkby, but all the KEIOC lot did their level best to stop that. Let's just hope Walton Hall is a real proposition else we'll never move on from where we are. Without a new stadium and the increased revenue opportunities it would offer we will slip so far into the redshites shadow that we'll be as significant as Tranmere Rovers. Unfortunately Goodison is what's blocking the possibility of investment, it's way past its sell by date and actually quite embarrassing when bringing friends to a match...they have better facilities at Stoke for God's sake!
Sam, Cheshire, 9:33 PM 5/12/2014
Not much Evertonians CAN do. If there's no money then there's no money, end of. Unfortunately it means we will dwarf in the shadow of a 60,000 stadium. I don't want to think what it will do to the morale of Evertonians. It will be game over :o(
Spectator, Crosby, 7:56 PM 5/12/2014
Unless Bill Gates get's the sudden urge to purchase Everton, we will carry on as present. All the eggs seem to be in the proposed Walton Hall Park basket,and if this fails to come to fruition, we are back to square one. Let's just be grateful, that as a club,we have not done a Leeds or Portsmouth.
Lennie., Wirral., 7:24 PM 5/12/2014
Harvey, Coventry: "(sorry bit negative that bit)". What, like the rest of it??:
Brummieblue, Ex Tuebrook, 7:23 PM 5/12/2014
I love Goodison as every blue does, it's one of the best grounds when it's rocking. But I do think if we want investment in the future we need a new ground, that has been a stumbling block for suitors of the club. That said however, our future doesn't depend on a new ground. Arsenal were one of the best teams in the league if not the best when they were at Highbury and that was only a 38,000 capacity. So the size of the ground doesn't make the competence of the team.
Tim, Manchester, 6:53 PM 5/12/2014
It was a shame that there were Blues who never had the foresight to get behind the plans for Kirkby , although part of me thinks it was a half hearted by the Board anyway to keep the wolves from the Door. The fact is the future will be the same as the past with The Old Lady getting a lick of paint each season and maybe the odd Marquee thrown up in the Car Park as Hospitality. On the pitch things won't change with the occasional dabble with the Top 4 ending in glorious failure followed by a season of mediocrity when the strain on 'plucky old' Everton and our wafer thin squads is evident. Thing is we all just accept it as that's become our way , and this article just confirms that viewpoint with accepted restriction to facilitate improvement at GP and any possibility of a new Ground being about as likely as The Echo changing it's branding to Blue or Howard covering his near post (sorry bit negative that bit) We are where we are and will be for some time, about all we can do is carry on believing and getting behind those in the privileged position of wearing the famous Royal Blue, but at the same time perhaps considering a change to our Motto.... Anyone know the Latin for Ahhhh Well :-) COYBB
Harvey, Coventry , 6:35 PM 5/12/2014
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