New Local TV Station
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Here in our beloved city we know all about the hypocrisy and lies of mainstream media and its journalists. They are again exposed daily at the ongoing Hillsborough inquest in Warrington. The "Liverpool" Echo isn't even printed in the city anymore, but thirty miles away in Manchester.

Well, from 5.30 pm today, Thursday, 4th December 2014, there is a small fight back with the first broadcast of local digital and internet TV station Bay TV from Windsor Street in the city centre. It services the Liverpool area plus Wirral, Halton, Widnes and parts of Cheshire.

Initially it will be available also on Freeview channel 8. It may later expand to other platforms. Its first broadcasts could reach just under a million homes.

You can also visit their website here. 

It remains to be seen how they will deal with local football and how fair they are to Everton Football Club. Could they be any worse than the Echo? Keep your eye on them.

Anything that gives us a local voice and encouragement is to be welcome in opposition to Manchester mainstream media branch offices. Maybe it's worth a view. All you tyro media creatives, see if you can contribute something constructive.

But who are the main shareholders? Is it Mercury Press? Who is accountable?


What do you think? Comment below.


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Comments about New Local TV Station
If its anything like 'Made in Bristol' (Freeview Channel 8) that we get down here then I'm afraid that Merseyside is in for a very big disappointment. It's a weird combination of very plummy teenagers trying to get 'down with the yoof', long and turgid cookery features and all in wrestling coverage. The football features are also equally amateurish and uninteresting. The highlight is at 1AM when the 'Teleshopping' takes over....All in all it's just an elongated version of the local ITV/BBC news programmes. I hope that your new channel is an improvement on this (couldn't possibly be any worse) but, knowing what utter crap is considered to be acceptable viewer fodder these days, I don't hold out any great hopes.
John T, Bristol, 11:53 PM 10/12/2014
In fact the main investor is a blue, a proper blue, a lifelong blue. Time to get behind the community media channel this great city so badly needs.
Dave, Wavertree, 11:26 PM 6/12/2014
Doesn't seem to be much more than rolling ads and recorded bits on a loop. The first presenter had an unironed shirt and looked as though he hadn't had a shave or a wash for a week, plus he spoke like a County Road scally, not a good start, it can only get better.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 3:13 PM 5/12/2014
No Chance ! Checked out the website , There's a link to the shite and one for Tranmere if we are on there its well hidden . Don't hold your breath for unbiased coverage then
John, Tarleton, 10:59 PM 4/12/2014
Has anyone officially complained about the redshite bias of the Echo?
Lennie, Wirral, 7:58 PM 4/12/2014
Let's hope they give the city the independent voice it's needed for years, as well as equal air time to the analfield rap. I'll believe it when I see it.
Spectator, Crosby, 6:49 PM 4/12/2014
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