Black Watch Inspiration For New Everton Away Kit
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Everton will have an all black away kit this season. Shirt, shorts and socks are black with white piping down the shirt and shorts and two white hoops on the socks. 

The goalkeeper's shirt is a two tone purple colour. 

Everton has today unveiled a new stylish all-black away playing strip for the 2014/15 season.

The new shirt has a contemporary modern look and takes inspiration from one of the Club's first ever kits - worn by the legendary 'black watch' in the 1880s.

It will get its first outing this Sunday (27 July) when Everton take on Premier League newcomers Leicester City in a pre-season friendly in Bangkok.

Whilst predominantly black, the away shirt carries subtle design references to the 'home' blue of Everton - including ventilation holes in the shape of the Toffee Tower and blue stitching on the inside of the hem.

With all the performance attributes required for the modern game combined with the stylishness associated with the Umbro playing kit, the strip is expected to be another hit with Evertonians.

Roberto Martinez said: "I know all our fans like to see the new kits when they are revealed and I am sure that they will enjoy the black away strip.

"This colour kit was associated with Everton in the very early years of our football club and our supporters always like a historical link. This new away kit has a modern and stylish look to it and I am looking forward to seeing the players perform in it."

The black jersey features a crew neck collar with a v-stretch rib insert for comfort and a knitted shadow stripe gives the shirt a stylish finish.
It is complemented by black shorts and black socks with white trim.

Everton's new 2014/15 away kit is available to pre-order now and goes on sale on Thursday 14 August.  It is available for men, women, juniors, infants and babies.

Once Everton has touched you, you're part of the fabric. #efcFABRIC 

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Comments about Black Watch Inspiration For New Everton Away Kit
As always you won't be able to walk in to a shop and get the new kit anywhere apart from Everton 1 and Everton 2 in the whole of England. We are a f**king joke. F**k kitbag! It drives me mad seeing gob s**t kits in every sports shop I go in to and no Everton kits in sight ever! Everton your marketing is embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Big Man, Formby, 6:39 AM 27/07/2014
Generally aesthetically pleasing and a million miles ahead of our premiership rivals who are all victims of the generally appalling level of modern design. On a practical level black is low-viz and might lead to similar problems experienced by Manure when their grey strip rendered them invisible to one another.
John T, Bristol, 10:34 PM 26/07/2014
Shouldn't matter to a 35 year old and i know there's not much you can do with a black kit but looks just like the crappy black one they did for us before we went to Le Coq. But i guess it's back to mediocreville with umbra. We got lukaku yet?
Philo Beddo, Wokingham, 9:59 PM 26/07/2014
I agree with Grongy. It's not a 'tower' either, it's a fat stone hut, last season's badge had the proportions right, now it's reverted to the previous design it looks like a funny helter skelter again. I like the kit though. But can we just get the football started and leave all this to people who like moaning about dress and pictures? :o)
Paul, Warrington, 11:24 AM 26/07/2014
Gary Player has just become an Evertonian!
the obsructed view, liverpool, 8:34 AM 26/07/2014
I love it. A belter of a kit. The home kit is brilliant as well. My little girl is getting the home one. I will be getting the away one. Nice one umbro.
mightybluecr, prescot, 9:14 PM 25/07/2014
I like it, but my only complaint is with the blurb - why have they started insisting on calling it 'the toffee tower'? Sounds daft. As we are taking part in a Uefa competition this coming season, we are required to have a 3rd kit. We normally do anyway because the club has to try to compete financially and selling shirts is one of the simplest ways of earning some dingos. I don't think it's right, but that's the stinking capitalist game we currently have. It won't change until the whole thing goes pop
Grongy, Salford, 8:05 PM 25/07/2014
These shirts are "boss" i love the black shirt as it doesnt need washing so often !. And Prince would love the goalkeepers shirt.
LES, PHUKET, 5:56 PM 25/07/2014
I love it and so will the fans. Fuck the mingers.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 2:31 PM 25/07/2014
This new black kit is a beast well done umbro
Simo, Speke, 1:48 PM 25/07/2014
Very smart yes, BUT not ideal for use in Thailand or hot days in the UK as black absorbs heat. Maybe it would be appropriate to have a second away kit in white, which reflects heat.kc
Dr Hfuhruhurr, Hull, 1:28 PM 25/07/2014
Great hair transplant Tim . Can't see the join!COYB
Andy, Aberdeen, 12:40 PM 25/07/2014
I have loved both kits by Umbro so far, they are unique to Everton and not just the same shirt as other teams but with the Everton badge on it as Nike seemed to do. The only thing with a black away kit is if we are playing Chelsea or Leicester etc surely its still at little bit too close kit clash wise? Royal/Dark blue and black? So we will obviously get a third kit and then this one will only be used against.... West Brom and QPR??
Chris Fisher, Kirkdale, 11:34 AM 25/07/2014
Home and Away kit have both been top notch!
Michael, Huyton, 11:30 AM 25/07/2014
Really impressed - one of the smartest kits we have had for years. My grandad was in the Black Watch regiment - so equally impressed :)
Roy, Semington, 11:25 AM 25/07/2014
Smart, very smart. I would be happy to be seen in this!
Drew, Cardiff, 10:23 AM 25/07/2014
The Black Watch...if you know your history. Well played Umbro. I like it.
JB, Liverpool, 10:21 AM 25/07/2014
No doubt there'll be people saying they don't like the colour, the neck shape, the sleeve shape, the shorts, the socks etc. Personally I couldn't care less what the strip is so long as we win :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 9:59 AM 25/07/2014
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