Stones - Nice To Win Silverware In New Umbro Kit
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Everton defender John Stones likes the new kit. 

Stonesy said: "Umbro does feel more Everton. I remember Everton playing in Umbro in the past and hopefully going back to them will serve us well. It would be nice if we win some more silverware in this Umbro kit.

"The shirt is a great fit and the material is really nice. It is a different collar and I know all the boys like it - and it should be a hit with the fans this season as well. 

"It certainly matters to the players that we're wearing a crest the supporters picked and it is the one we liked as well. It makes the shirt look better and it is really nice. I'm a big fan."

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Comments about Stones - Nice To Win Silverware In New Umbro Kit
Viewed this kit at EVERTON 2 today. Much nicer in the flesh, and I think people will like it.The new badge shows up so well, and good riddance to that abomination of last season. Viva San Domingo!
Lennie, Wirral, 6:57 PM 29/06/2014
Doug com#6, calling a fellow bk commenter a tw@ even in the cryptic way in which you did it Is Not Cool Bro (OK, neither is coming out with the words "Is Not Cool Bro" but I digress)! Grow up lad!
Frank Lea, Speke, king st, 6:21 PM 28/06/2014
@John T on the Apprentice comment, and instead of the NSNO logo, they'd put the name of their group like "Synergy" or "Plan B" (The Yanks dreamt that name up on Celebrity Apprentice this year .. Cough, so I'm told).
Doug, Trump Towers, 10:49 AM 28/06/2014
#4 Dave... It says "What Do You Think? Comment Below".. I left all constructive criticism! So don't be a sulky Twit... Dave and when I say Twit, you know where it's at.. Xp
Doug, Where it, 10:35 AM 28/06/2014
I knew it wouldn't take long for people to start wanting last season's badge back, or simply moaning about this season's. All that fuss last year over what was a perfectly good badge. This year's is nice as was the last one. A core of fhange averse Evertonians as usual.
Mike D, Wirral, 12:49 PM 27/06/2014
#1 doug- stop fuckin moanin
Dave, Everton, 3:42 PM 26/06/2014
John Stones seems to be a level headed lad. I hope he plays as well as his words next season.
Spectator, Crosby, 1:54 PM 26/06/2014
The best thing that can be said is that it isn't red. Looks like something the wannabe corporates would cobble up for one of those 'wacky' tasks on the Apprentice.
John T, Bristol, 1:34 PM 26/06/2014
Love the shirt with the badge plus the Nil Satis logo and minus the floaty arm bands but.... Hell, I'm just gonna go come out and say it! I think I'm starting to miss the old badge now! And I was one of the 1st to piss and moan about it too! It just brings back happy memories of dropping the "ManU Fcuked Up" crowd and seeing San Martinez making the toffeeplebbers choke on their bitchin about him and moarning the loss of old Mow & Co (yeah u no who u r)!! BTW, think the badge would look even better with additional colour in it other than chalky white (even if it's just black letterings on the Nil Satis logo, Tower, year and name. Or just the outline even. Something to make it look like it wasn't just rolled on by a cheap tshirt company cutting costs to a bare minimum.
Doug, Liverpool, 9:43 AM 26/06/2014
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