New Everton Kit Is Blue
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Ross In New Kit
Ross In New Kit
New Shirt
New Shirt
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Dunc Fabric Since 1994
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Jags Now Yags
Everton Kit 1924
Everton Kit 1924
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Everton have revealled the new home kit. The couple of kits

Umbro have produced a kit which will be availble from new born baby size to 7XL which they produced for Changy the Dumbo.

The home strip is blue with a navy/black collar, which has one fastener at the neck. The cuffs stay blue like the main body of the shirt and displays the new club crest. There are breathe holes under the arm and the top on is in the shape of St Ruperts Tower.

The shorts are white with the club crest on one leg and the umbro diamond on the other.

The socks are also black/navy with two blue hoops at the top.

Umbro say the new Everton kit is based on an Everton kit from 1924, which is the date Umbro was formed. The kit is also bespoke just for Everton. So you won't see our kit in another colour being used at one of the other Premier League clubs. 

The video about the new kit features Roberto Martinez, Ross Barkley, Duncan Ferguson, Graeme Sharp, Tom Gardner(Everton's Oldest Living player) and Skipper Phil Jagielka, who will now be known as Yags!

Watch The New Video here

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Comments about New Everton Kit Is Blue
Apparently they're thinking of doing a special "Shrug edition" with shoulder pads for when we play the shite (home kit only, we won't need an away kit due to the 13x match ban Nibbles has to take).
Doug, Liverpool , 8:03 PM 26/06/2014
Fuckin ace kit love it
woody, w, 7:45 PM 26/06/2014
It looks cheap and tacky taking the fact that 2 years ago we had 2 amazing kits
Add, Wirral, 5:07 PM 26/06/2014
I love anything with an Everton badge on it! Hope it's got shoulder pads for the derbies????
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 4:18 PM 26/06/2014
Yet another retail malfunction of epic proportion.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 4:05 PM 26/06/2014
I don't think fans will pay any attention whatsoever to pro or derogatory social media comments. If individuals like it they'll buy it. It's the same every year at every club. You get the praisers and the whingers. None of it matters because it's par for the course now.
Spectator, Crosby, 1:49 PM 26/06/2014
Why are the only so called fans who are slagging the kit off all come from backward towns who still wear belly hansen, ellesse trainers and kappa trackies! This is the best kit we have had since 94 and personally I think we should stick with navy socks gives more of our own identity with a don't f**k with us attitude
dibbly, the pool, 1:43 PM 26/06/2014
Nice kit but for 50 notes its a swerve for me. Why don't they knock it out for £35 notes and sell twice as many
Jacko, St Helens, 12:25 PM 26/06/2014
Yeah nargh don't like it.
Kiwi, NZ, 10:19 AM 26/06/2014
Why all the hate? This kit looks boss.
Jack1878, Liverpool, 10:16 AM 26/06/2014
It's an Everton shirt, we have black trim associated with our history (as we should all know....) the collar looks a bit iffy but personally as long as we build on last season I'd be happy if it was orange, lift the league of FA cup shirt in it and it'll go down in history as a "classic" shirt...
yozza, runcorn, 10:14 AM 26/06/2014
There is no black. It's dark blue. The socks are dark blue. It's a proper lovely kit this. Looks classy as anything. You haters need to turn it in. You'd have us in the danka kit again y'muppets...
Rolythemod, Seaforth, 9:56 AM 26/06/2014
LOVE IT. smart and modern looking. usual efc moaners will always find something to whinge about, get a grip! & get with the times.
roberto, preston, 9:43 AM 26/06/2014
Living in the Far east had this shirt 2 months ago ! ! Seriously this could have been fab with a little more thought. Why on earth having now our tradition style badge in white, didnt we follow up with a white collar and socks to match,( no black anywhere) it would have made such a difference, i hope we can have a say on the shirt in the future as we did with the badge. Afterall its the fans who are expected to fork out for it. A gentle petition anyone ?
LES, PHUKET, 9:34 AM 26/06/2014
Crap, nuff said
Glyn Davies, Wallasey, 9:22 AM 26/06/2014
love it! New badge better! colour better design better fact made just for us better! over all first time in years but ill be buying one
lloydy, bristol, 9:11 AM 26/06/2014
@5. Don't worry i got u covered. I'm buying 4-5 kits.
BlueBerry, shires, 8:37 AM 26/06/2014
Great shirt - Great kit - can you please not let Kopites comment on this page pretending to be Blues.
Big Ste, Liverpool, 7:22 AM 26/06/2014
Absolute shit. Where is the royal blue, where is the white, black socks what a joke. Looks cheap alright typical umbro crap.
Mark moderski, Dorset, 7:07 AM 26/06/2014
I prefer the 1924 kit! Not an Everton shirt for me! Hope they play better than they will look! COYB
Medwyn, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 6:16 AM 26/06/2014
Another year to save my pennies. Last year a stupid comedy badge this an ugly shirt. Sorry, kids and grandkids, it's a no go I'm afraid.
Win, Stafford, 5:22 AM 26/06/2014
Does it come with shoulder pads for the Derby?
Ron Mac, Litherland, 11:42 PM 25/06/2014
Doesn't look royal blue to me and needs at least a white collar. A team of Everton's class should always be white collar, not blue collar - and it's a dirty looking approximation of navy (maybe navvy) blue. Agree with 2 that it looks cheap and am generally disappointed.
John T, Bristol, 11:35 PM 25/06/2014
Like the overall style, but not liking all the black bits, especially the socks - was hoping for white with blue turnover. New badge is good though. Just watched the club's 'fabric' video. Is Barkely wearing tights?
Rich, B, 11:31 PM 25/06/2014
Love it, very stylish! Getting my oder for 7XL in now.
Bristol Blue, Blue, 11:29 PM 25/06/2014
Yet again absolutely disgusting, I for one won't be buying it, what a ghastly and cheap looking design. Who on earth at our club is in charge of giving the ok to these dreadful efforts? I don't expect anything less from Umbro but last year we had Nike sponsorship and it was still vile and cheap looking whereas Arsenal's was amazing. Seriously, how hard is it to design a half decent royal blue football shirt, it's not as though we play in Green.
Bob, Southport, 11:22 PM 25/06/2014
It's traditional and brings back memories of the 80's kits. Get butterflies when I think of what's to come next season. With Martinez banging on about "The Scool of Science", talking of our history and playing the Everton way.. I really do think we're gonna see something special in the next few seasons. #efcfabric
Gazza, Widnes, 10:44 PM 25/06/2014
Black socks- umbro for 5 more years - what a shame . Anyway I am sure the football next season will show the kit in a good light but do not like it. Royal blue and white next time please
Peawack, Cheshire, 10:40 PM 25/06/2014
Thinks it looks a bit cheap looking, not liking the grandad collar. Scruffy. That new badge is a bit of a mess too I reckon.
Pippo, Wirral, 9:56 PM 25/06/2014
wanted it to be this kit,its says 'i mean business'.just need some top signings in the kit now.
BlueBerry, shires, 9:27 PM 25/06/2014
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