Everton Go Back To Umbro As Kit Supplier
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Everton have announced a five-year kit deal with Umbro starting 1st June 2014. They take over from NIKE.

The club picked a full team of Everton fans to share the unveiling with Roberto Martinez in the UMBRO headquarters in Monchestaa after a ride in the first team bus.

The Blues will wear the famous double diamond (apparently it works wonders) brand from the start of next season, with Umbro producing all on-pitch and training product for the men's, women's and academy teams.

Everton have worn UMBRO in the 70's, 80's, and when we won FA Cup in 95.

The new home kit will also be on sale in July this year with Evertonians guaranteed sizes in all ranges and available for men, women, juniors, infants and babies.

No announcement though about how much the deal is worth.

Roberto said: "Everyone at the Club is not only delighted, but excited, to be back wearing the Umbro diamond next season.

 "I have been involved in a number of discussions with Umbro over the past few months in preparation for next season and their approach to quality, design and the technical aspects of the product is unique and I have no doubt it will help us to perform to our full potential on the pitch.

"It was a great experience giving a number of our fans an exclusive opportunity to meet Umbro, to take them through the design process of the 2014/15 kit and, most importantly, be able to give them this news first."

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Comments about Everton Go Back To Umbro As Kit Supplier
Nike sold Umbro at the end of 2012. As things stand, we would be their highest profile team in the UK. Umbro's Ireland kits have been great, and the deal with Nike didn't result in anything inspiring. Umbro and Le Coq Sportif never seemed to have any difficulty reproducing our crest for starters. Although I haven't been able to find out any figures, Sky Sports have described it as a 'record' deal for us. While I doubt very much that it will be anywhere near what United or City get from Nike, Chelsea from Adidas, Liverpool from Warrior, or whatever Arsenal are getting out of their deal with Puma from next season, an improvement is an improvement.
Grongy, Salford, 9:16 PM 8/02/2014
Aren't Umbro and Nike part of the same global company these days? This sounds like an attempt to revive the Umbro brand in the UK where it originated.
Pete Lynch, Italy, 9:22 AM 7/02/2014
Always did like the Everton touch on the last Umbro kit on the inside lining at the back…….. 'It's a grand old team to play for"…….
Tim.G, A in M, 6:18 PM 6/02/2014
Great news, hate Nike. Lets get behind a UK brand, and yes we will stand out from the rest!
Neil, Wirral, 4:43 PM 5/02/2014
Diamonds down the sleeves & shorts with plain royal blue shirt,white shorts & socks,plus an all yellow away kit with an alternative white 3rd kit. I wonder if the kids kit will come in the umbro box? Eh the good arl days!
David, Liverpool 14, 3:51 PM 5/02/2014
Paul UK, we had two seasons with Nike (including this current one) The home kit with the one thick white band at the bottom of the sleeve and the current one with the two white bands on the sleeve. I can see why people see it as a step back, Nike are more globally well known. but I dn't care who makes te kit so long as its the best deal from Everton. Rumours our this deal is a club record, so if it means more money for the club then great. Plus for anyone with kids the infant/baby sizes being available will be very welcome. Not to mention people will be able to buy the kit more than a week before the season kicks off.
Bored, Work, 3:01 PM 5/02/2014
Nice to see its a technically advanced kit. What exactly does that mean? More interested to know do they do them in XXXL, To support the more technically challenged of us
tess tickle, The Muncaster Pub Bootle, 2:56 PM 5/02/2014
I do not suffer from brand snobbery and as I'm (considerably) over 16 I no longer buy the shirts. As long as the deal is the best that the club can get and our kit looks smart on the pitch its fine by me. Those of you who are concerned about losing a 'smart' brand just be grateful its not Warrior!
Al, Work, 12:39 PM 5/02/2014
@Paul UK maybe the fact that Nike never really bothered their arses with us and the likes of Barca got higher grade kit technology. Nike seemed to have 2 grades of teams, The Elite and everyone else. I'm happy to have Umbro back if I'm honest and we are apparently their flagship team which can only be of benefit to us. Also the kits will be out sooner and they will be doing a full range of kits for everyone not just selected sizes which the club got an awful lot of stick over (quite rightly).
Mark, Aintree, 11:43 AM 5/02/2014
It appears Nike and the Greek God of Victory called it a day around 8.35pm during the recent derby!
the obsructed view, liverpool, 9:45 AM 5/02/2014
What! Just one season with Nike and then back to Umbro, what on earth happened? Most Everton fans were pleased to finally have a decent shirt make in Nike and liked their new range of kits and clothing, going back to Umbro has to be seen as a backwards step, all the decent sides have Nike. There must be another story to this, love to know the reason here, wonder whether we ditched Nike or whether they ditched us?
Paul, UK, 7:48 AM 5/02/2014
How much is it worth?
Huge Goose, Broadmoor, 7:35 AM 5/02/2014
I wonder if the kits will be cheaper,£75 for junior top and shorts alone are expensive(with no Chang sign).Everton need a new sponsor besides chang.Plus side though i like the umbro striped socks design,im old sckool so Umbro boots to me are better protection and affordability,good value for money. Anyone else think the same?
BlueBerry, Shropshire, 5:32 AM 5/02/2014
As long as they don't piss around with the crest again!!
Paul, Albox, spain, 11:10 PM 4/02/2014
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