Everton New Away Kit Revealed
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So the new Everton away kit is out. The shirt is sunshine yellow front and back with royal blue across the neck and shoulders and a horizontal stripe running around the chest

Here's the official blurb...

The kit has been produced by Nike and features the leading sports brand's unique Dri-Fit technology, which is designed to draw sweat away from the body to keep players cool and dry during a game.

Everton's 2013/14 away kit is made of fabric weighing just 150 grams, 23 per cent lighter than previous Nike kits and boasts a 20 per cent stronger knit structure and significantly improved stretch.

This season Nike embarked on an innovative programme to gather 3D body scans of some of the world's leading footballers to produce a more athletic fit tailored to the contours of their bodies, which is reflected in the Blues new away kit.

Like the home shirt, the Blues' new away kit  is made from recycled polyester in accordance with Nike's commitment to produce athletic wear with a low environmental impact. The shirt and shorts of each kit are made from up to thirteen recycled plastic water bottles.

This pioneering process sees plastic bottles melted down to form yarn that is spun into recycled polyester, reducing energy consumption by up to 30 per cent compared to the manufacture of virgin polyester.  Since 2010, Nike has diverted more than 1.1 billion plastic bottles from landfills through the use of recycled polyester.

The 2013/14 Everton away kit is available to pre-order now online at or in store at Everton One or Everton Two.

The new kit will be officially launched at a special event on Thursday 22 August.

Click here to pre-order the 2013/14 away kit today

Plus, pre-order your 2013/14 away shirt before 9am Wednesday 14 August and you could win your very own VIP away day to the first game of the season at Norwich on 17 August*.

The prize includes:

- Two tickets to the game
- Travel to and from the game
- Overnight stay on Saturday 17 August
- Receive your shirt early to exclusively wear at the first away game of the season

This competition closes at 9am Wednesday 14th August

Click here to pre-order your new 2013/14 away shirt today and find out more >>

*Terms and conditions apply

Some fans hate. Some think its the best kit ever designed. What do you think?


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Comments about Everton New Away Kit Revealed
Not keen, although it could get us a great sponsorship deal with IKEA. Just go to one of their dreadful flat-pack warehouses and you will soon realise that the Swedes have the worst colour sense in the world. Should be completely in old gold and not these anaemic colours.
John T, Bristol, 12:27 AM 5/05/2014
Nice kit, bit different, but £50, that's a joke...
Paul, London, 11:13 AM 9/08/2013
The design of this kit is consistent with the home kit and the new badge - absolutely awful. Completely tacky. Rest assured I won't be parting with any money on merchandice until they sort out the badge and get addidas.
Nick, Abergele, 4:21 PM 8/08/2013
Like it its quite mod in style but doesn't matter because of that carbunkle of a badge its like a poke in the eye every time you look at it !
ian clarke, prescot, 4:59 PM 7/08/2013
I prefer the kit than the so called player modelling it!!!
Laz, Kirkby, 3:47 PM 7/08/2013
Is there ever anything new that Evertonians don't moan about? The strip, the manager, the badge, any new signing that costs less than £20m, proposals for a new ground......
Jon, Maghull, 12:26 PM 7/08/2013
Love it, looks like the Boca Juniors kit.
Benno, Liverpool, 12:15 PM 7/08/2013
The 3rd kit is the same design, but instead of he yellow it is white. There was a video of the photo shoot on Daily Mail website and you coould see it in the background. So still a fair amount of blue on the 3rd kit too.
Mark L, Leeds, 12:08 PM 7/08/2013
Looks like the Parramatta rugby league shirt. Not awful but not over the moon. I would prefer a more amber coloured away shirt like we had in the 60s/70s if we were going to chose a colour from that side of the palette. It's certainly different and better than our previous pink outfits! I guess nike are saving the pink bombshell for the third kit
Matt, Sydney, 11:49 AM 7/08/2013
Won't get knocked down on a dark night from the boozer wearing this one, and the badge is still a disgrace. Don't like it, but to still show my support for the mighty blues, rather than to buy this"deckchair" cover, I decided to invest in a retro shirt and plumped for the NEC 85 job, looks fab from a great era and cost me half the price of the shambles shown above. Suggest we can show our loyalty and make a statement that we wont put up with 2 seasons of poorly designed shirts from Nike, with the worst badge in living memory. Can't believe people get paid for this.
LES, PHUKET, 8:57 AM 7/08/2013
I like it but for £50 Nike and Kitbag can do one. I'll wait till April when i get it for £15. The 3rd kit will be out soon and we only wear that once a fucking season......piss take
Joe, West Derby, 8:45 AM 7/08/2013
I think its growing on me. But going to give it a miss at £50. Why don't they charge £35 and sell twice as many.
Jacko, St Helens, 8:35 AM 7/08/2013
Love it and may even purchase it even if its price is well inflated.
Jonathan Ogden, Wirral, 7:20 AM 7/08/2013
Love it but doesn it look like an egg chaser's kit ala Warrington Wolves?
Ianguignet, Warrington, 7:10 AM 7/08/2013
Looks good, agree with Derek
Woody, Old Swan, 11:18 PM 6/08/2013
The yellow is quite funky. Bit too much blue on it for an away strip though. As for the badge?!..... don't get me started. Why have Nike hiked up the price of a standard football shirt by 20%? Should be called 'Hike' not 'Nike'
Robbie, Wirral, 10:32 PM 6/08/2013
Nice shirt. Shame about the badge
padda brewster, ashmore park wolverhampton, 9:50 PM 6/08/2013
I like the Kit but with the shorts as well there seems to be a lot of Blue, do I sniff a "Third Kit" for the Chelsea away fixture.
Daz C, Stoke, 9:46 PM 6/08/2013
Love it. Think it is different but still looks EVERTON to me
Kenny, Ormskirk, 9:29 PM 6/08/2013
Didn't like it when I 1st saw it but it starting to grow on me now certainly different to any other Nike kit out there and anyway can't any worse than that salmon pink number we had a few years back
Big kev, The bar, 9:13 PM 6/08/2013
Dreadful, horrific etc etc. Has to be the worst since the 70s. It's so bad but it does work well with the new crest...
Paddy, Dublin, 9:11 PM 6/08/2013
Best away kit in years. It also catches the eye. IMWT
frank, the vatican, 8:39 PM 6/08/2013
Superb. Do they do it in XXXXXL?.
Nudger, St Helens, 8:19 PM 6/08/2013
OMG! shocking.......................but i like it..
lee, rainhill, 8:06 PM 6/08/2013
Looks fucking horrendous.
Ryan, Bournemouth, 7:54 PM 6/08/2013
Well if it's made from recycled plastic bottles! Why is that not reflected in the price?
Derek Knox, Liverpool, 7:40 PM 6/08/2013
Don't hate it necessarily (unlike my feelings towards the monstrosity masquerading as our crest) but would look much better if the whole shirt was yellow like Juventus'. Last season's away and third kits were simple, smart and respectable but I've got no idea what Nike are playing at this year. Had enough of them now bombarding us with their stupid designs.
Tony D, Birkenhead, 7:35 PM 6/08/2013
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