Golden Oldies And The New Kit
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New manager, new badge and now a new kit.

Everton have used two golden oldies to advertise the new home kit for 2013/14.

Steven Pienaar is seen in the long sleeved version and Leon Osman is in the short sleeve version.

The new badge, which was hammered by the fans is on the shirt and the shorts just for this coming season.

Some of the facts behind the shirt:

* The kit has been produced by Nike and features the leading sports brand's unique Dri-Fit technology, which is designed to draw sweat away from the body to keep players cool and dry during a game.

* The Everton new home kit is made from recycled polyester in accordance with Nike's commitment to produce athletic wear with a low environmental impact. The shirt and shorts of each kit are made from up to thirteen recycled plastic water bottles.

You can order the kit now, but it wont get it until Wednesday 24 July, The 2013/14 Everton home kit is available to pre-order now online at evertondirect.com or in store at Everton One or Everton Two. The new kit will be officially launched at a special event on Wednesday 24 July.

The question is will you buy it?


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Comments about Golden Oldies And The New Kit
First sight I wasn't keen on the kit. I liked the collar but was unsure on the hoops on the sleeves. But the more I look at it I think its OK. Prefer the short sleeves, the two hoops just look out of place on the long sleeves. I still don't like the badge but it doesn't bother me as much now. I think if they swapped the 1878 for the wreaths, and maybe found somewhere else for the 1878 i.e. small font underneath the Everton it would be a lot better. Still not happy about the lack of NSNO though. Looking forward to the away kits. Last season's 3rd kit was by far the nicest. Why can't we get them out earlier though?
Bored, Work, 12:34 PM 3/07/2013
I'd complain Andy! I'd sooner tell Messi where to stick it than desecrate our badge for the sake of one man. We are Everton and no player is bigger than the club!
Seamus, Litherland, 10:47 PM 29/06/2013
In a word - no...
Toasty, Rainhill, 6:21 PM 29/06/2013
I like everything except the badge, not having it, as it does not belong on an Everton shirt. Stubborn yes, but i have style folks, and that badge has to go ! !
LES, PHUKET, 5:20 PM 29/06/2013
Drew, I do hope you're under 16. There's no worse sight in football than grown men in football shirts. Leave that to the tramp Geordies. Maybe the dreams the shirt wearers have of getting a game will come true one day.
Paul, Childwall, 7:44 PM 28/06/2013
Totally agree with sam (3) lovely kit and totally moved on from the badge, its grown on me! Fans need to stop being so stubborn and choose to dislike it rather than keep on open mind about it
david, north wales, 6:07 PM 28/06/2013
I like the new kit. Might treat myself to one of the long sleeve ones. Good job Nike!
Drew, Cardiff, 3:43 PM 28/06/2013
If Andy vd Meyde was still playing could his kit be made from recycled ale cans?
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 12:56 PM 28/06/2013
Perfectly fine kit. What all the fuss is about...goodness knows! Although I didn't like the badge at first, it has actually grown on me. Similar style to Arsenal's. A badge modernisation never did them any harm.
Sam, Cheshire, 12:14 PM 28/06/2013
I like the socks
Andrew, Bullens, 11:21 AM 28/06/2013
Ye. it looks good. cant see what people have an issue with it. Fans are fickle. If Messi said he wanted to play for us but only if our badge was a picture of a pair of testicles. no one would complain.
Andy, Huyton, 11:20 AM 28/06/2013
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