New Everton Kit Launched
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Everton's new home kit will be officially launched on Thursday 27th June.

The official site informs us that: "Exclusive pictures of our new-look Nike offering will be posted on the official site early in the morning with fans able to pre-order the strip online or in-store immediately.

The kit will then be available to buy in-store from late July."

Seems a bit odd that you launch a kit, but cant get your hands on it for a month.

Will you be getting the new kit with the new badge on?

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Comments about New Everton Kit Launched
Yes it is just a kit, but changing the badge changes our heritage, without consulting the fans. The marketeers love to use the slogan: The People's Club," but when 20000 fans petition against the badge what does that say about the club? What will they change next?
Tim.G, A in M, 6:00 PM 28/06/2013
Very smart, love it. And the badge looks good. Everyone has had the rather over the top moan about it now, its time to move on and get behind the boys for the new season, its got white sock as well so I think its one of the best kits we have had in many years.
Chris Fisher, Kirkdale, 10:04 AM 28/06/2013
I won't be buyin nothing with that hideous badge on...First time in over 20 year's I won't be buying the new shirt... Really looking forward to the new season though!... C.O.Y.B!!!
Danny E, Sydney, 11:46 PM 27/06/2013
The badge is ok - works pretty well on all the merchandising (see Everton website). Personally I don't like the sleeves. Didn't like them last year either. Do way with the upper stripe on the sleeve and this would be ok. Collar is good. Overall I have no problem and believe all the moaners will come round eventually. Let's just hit the ground running with El Bob this season.
KimV, TW Kent, 2:52 PM 27/06/2013
Much prefer them style of collars. The badge looks bigger too, which I like, even if it's not the badge the majority of us would choose. Mightybluecr, no. 11: Get the missus told! Your girl will no doubt be going the game with you, so she's obviously gonna be Blue thru and thru!
Lettuce, Lounge, 1:34 PM 27/06/2013
Agree with the sensible assessment that at the end of the day its just a kit, as fans we have a choice if we buy it or not, obviously those with children may have to fork out on a now yearly basis and I also agree that it should just be a thing of every two years when we release new home strips, didnt we always keep them for two seasons?.I know some clubs still do so I cant quite figure out why we have changed our way, but I think it all started around about 2002 when we seemed to be bring out 100 year anniversary kits out every season, it just carried on cheekily after that. Having said all that, we have more pressing things as Evertonians to focus on like signing enough players and the right players..Would I rather see good top class players playing in that kit with the new badge or would I rather see dross players in a spanking new beauty of a kit with a badge made by Evertonians?? I know what my choice would be
Richie, Speke, 9:55 AM 26/06/2013
I like the kit to be honest. The sleeves are a bit much again. If they had just put a small band of white on it, it would have been the best kit in years. I will be getting my little girl one as well because she is going to be a beautiful little blue, despite what the misses says.
Mightybluecr, Huyton, 8:40 PM 25/06/2013
Its just a kit at the end of the day and its blue..How many people will be sitting at Goodison come November if we are beating Spurs or Liverpool thinking "oh we are beating this lot but the kit could be better"..Were the fans really thinking about the white trim on the sleeve after the final whistle had blown at home to Man United on the opening game of last season? I doubt it. Get over it, its actually not as bad as some of the contraptions we had in the late 90s or the start of the millenium..As I say its only fresh in the memory when it first comes out, by the middle of September we are all use to them.
Jim, Liverpool, 7:54 PM 25/06/2013
The comment was aimed at those saying they are not getting it for their kids and people saying they are boycotting it, im sick of looking at these pathetic fans who just want to moan, obviously like myself you are a proper supporter, I have had a season ticket since the days of Joe Royle, but there are some who haven't seen the sun shine over goodison who will sit putting their two pence in just to have a whinge, I have always been as positive as I can and will get behind the team and club no matter what!
Mark, Birkenhead, 7:22 PM 25/06/2013
Looks like I'll be wearing armbands to the match in that shirt
Jacko, St Helens, 6:09 PM 25/06/2013
If this image is kosher, then it's minging. That being said, if I see people out wearing it,I'll smile as, when I see someone in an Everton shirt,I see fan. When I see someone in a Liverpool shirt,I see someone in a Liverpool shirt............
Lennie, WIRRAL., 6:03 PM 25/06/2013
Mark in Birkenhead, being a proper supporter is not measured on how much you spend in the club shop, thats how kopites measure it. I am a season ticket holder have had the same seat for over half my life and go to many away games too, as many as I can afford. I don't buy the kit anymore because I feel I have outgrown the wearing the kit to the match age. Does that make me any less of a supporter? Like I said, buying a shirt doesnt make you a big fan, things like going the game and supporting the club through thick and thin (like the pre-moyes days) is more important in my eyes.
Bored, Work, 5:18 PM 25/06/2013
Mark makes a good point! Stop all the moaning and get on with it !! Starting to sound like that lot across the bloody park!!!...
Tony, Liverpool, 5:05 PM 25/06/2013
Yes I love it!
JP, Liverpool, 1:56 PM 25/06/2013
I will be buying it for the son no matter what to be honest. Does anyone know when the away/3rd kits will be revealed?.... on another note does anyone know when sky will be choosing their fixtures so I can get some flights booked? COYB
Conor Creaney, Portadown, N. Ireland, 1:45 PM 25/06/2013
I will always buy the top whatever it looks like for me and my daughter, those who profess to be proper supporters should do the same, too much of a moaning culture at the moment lets get behind the club ay boys!!!
Mark, Birkenhead, 1:28 PM 25/06/2013
I'll probably buy it for my boy, even though it looks cheap & nasty.
Ste, Stoneycroft, 12:42 PM 25/06/2013
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