New Kit New Badge
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The new Everton kit has been leaked. The photos show the 2013/14 with the new badge which over 20,000 Evertonians signed a petition against.

Behind it is last season's kit with the original badge on it.

The other photo shows some fella holding up what looks like Arsenal's kit against the Everton shirt.

Of course this may not be the new kit. What do you think?

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Comments about New Kit New Badge
So long as they do it in big size for us fat old fellers!£150 quids worth last year that are no good- only up to XXL - make me look like I have been to a body painting shop!
Robert Hoyland, Portsmouth, 9:16 AM 25/06/2013
I actually like it - however been to the Nike shop here in Dubai (one of the largest in the world & middle east flagship) & will they be stocking........... NO!!! I was told - I thought that's why we went with Nike so more readily available for supports across the world. There is a huge Everton fan base in Dubai from expats & an emirati stand point
Andrew Burgess, Dubai, 9:23 AM 24/06/2013
This is not blag. You can actually watch the footage of two Asian lads doing a full 6 minute rundown of the kit and they compare it to the last 3 Everton kits we've had, the only thing is its not in english but they have done this before for previous kits in the past and with other kits for the upcoming PL season. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6r_93rG2H4
stemac1878, huyton, 10:38 AM 23/06/2013
Not keen on the sleeve hoops, thought arsenal got away with it on theirs.
Mike, St. Helens, 10:24 AM 23/06/2013
Just reminds me of a Leicester city kit a few yrs ago.... Absolute yeet!! Loved the leaked all blue one with 2nd kit black with blue collar.... Saves me money though!!!
Nick, Stoke, 8:59 AM 23/06/2013
The short sleeved version is nice but I dont like the look of the long sleeved one, looks too much like an old fashioned rugby jersey. And I wonder if the kit has white socks this season?
Aidy, Wakefield, 12:05 AM 23/06/2013
Hmmm got to be honest I think this is definetly a genuine leak that we have got this time. The photos are simply genuine, not like all the super imposed crap from other unreliable sources. It actually isn't that bad a shirt really. It looks like the collar is the same as last season's away and third shirts. Agree the sleeves should have just been blue.
Tim, Liverpool, 9:02 PM 22/06/2013
This looks pretty legit and is in keeping with other nike shirts that have already been released. And personally I've always thought the Chang logo is quite elegant and is a whole lot better than something like Wonga.com.
Bert, Devon, 8:52 PM 22/06/2013
Agreed Alex. Its not bad at all though it would have looked better with plain blue sleeves. Still, the original leaked kit with the blue collar was far better. Wish we had gone with that instead.
Neil Styles , Dublin , 7:00 PM 22/06/2013
Nice kit that and dare i say it, the badge doesn't look too bad. Still need to get better sponsors though as that Chang logo just looks cheap and ruins what is a decent shirt. IMO
Alex, childwall, 1:07 PM 22/06/2013
I don't believe 20,000 Evertonians signed that petition. I bet there was multiple signers.
Realist, Everywhere, 12:36 PM 22/06/2013
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