New Kit ?
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Is this our new kit for next season?

A pic on the internet has emerged of an Everton kit with the new badge.

What do you think?

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Comments about New Kit ?
This is 100% the new home kit... I spent my University Internship at Nike UK HQ and was lucky enough to see the kit! It looks a lot like the Arsenal home kit last season (plus the collar).
Chris Knight, London, 7:31 PM 18/06/2013
Does anybody have any proof that's the actual shirt? Thought not.
Macca, Huyton, 11:13 AM 17/06/2013
We're fans. Really really clever people, with design and media degrees, sit in front of computers, cutting and pasting new shirts and badges. Then meet really really clever suits who know 'How To Decide'; and the first and only time we're considered is when they check their projected figures on how many of us sheep might go out and buy our kids or ourselves one. Baa. Humbug.
harry, hungary, 7:09 AM 17/06/2013
http://i39.tinypic.com/20f5kyu.jpg Looks legit lads
Dave , Walsall, 12:21 AM 17/06/2013
This isnt the new kit, no other team has that design, we only have the basic design whereas man u are a nike elite team so they get the best kit style, trust, this isnt the new kit
Lew, St helens, 10:50 PM 16/06/2013
Arsenal are only keeping their kit because it's a badly kept secret that they are changing manufacturers next season. Added to the fact they have the most expensive season tickets in the UK, they can afford it. Man Utd make more from their corporate boxes on a match day than we do in our entire stadium. We need to make money and no matter what shite the club brings out, some people will buy it. Even with the new badge, some people of those who protested against it and signed petitions will still buy it because it's Everton. I can't afford to spend £50 on a shirt so it makes my task a lot easier
Grongy, Salford, 9:39 PM 16/06/2013
After taking the pist out of the liverpool away kit all week this picture appears! Getting ready for the abuse for the RS..deservedly so if this is our kit as its terible.
jb, usa, 9:23 PM 16/06/2013
They clearly have not listened to the voice of the fans regarding this atrocious badge. (over 20,000) signed petition. I will not buy anything with this badge on apart from my season ticket (if that has it on). Listen to the fans!
Tim. G, A in M, 8:57 PM 16/06/2013
I don't believe that's the new strip. Looks like internet gossip bullshit to me.
Ste Philips, Litherland, 8:18 PM 16/06/2013
Fan...fucking...tastic, just brought my Father's Day roast dinner back up!!
Loz, Dorset, 8:01 PM 16/06/2013
Brazil?That's nuts.Looks more like Birmingham.White stripe down the front next.Oh no that's already been done.
Willy Eckerslyke, Rainhill, 3:59 PM 16/06/2013
shit kit come on everton wheres the style
foxtrot, dublin, 3:57 PM 16/06/2013
Great shout Paddy #5
Rhys, Cheshire, 3:40 PM 16/06/2013
fuck that off! we will look like Leicester!!
tony, bootle, 3:40 PM 16/06/2013
Looks like a hockey shirt absolutely horrendous!!!!!!
Martin, Chester, 3:22 PM 16/06/2013
Loving PW's comments, really typifies some of the right moaners we have as fans. That said, I didn't like the thick white band on the sleeves last season so double thick white band isn't gonna win me over.
Stevo, Park End, 3:21 PM 16/06/2013
Terrible design to be honest..What on earth is wrong with just having the home top predominantly blue like the one from 2010/2011 season..Infact why do Everton feel they have to keep changing the home strip every year now anyway? We never used to did we and you cant say every club does because Arsenal are with Nike and their home kit is staying the same next season so it has to be the clubs choice and when you run out of ideas and designs you start to come up with dross.
jim, liverpool, 2:45 PM 16/06/2013
Until they take elephants off and do something a bit different they all look very very similar every year since 2004. This KIT looks like a copy from Asia but will not be far off. Badge is off a computer game! Need to move forward especially as we are now with nike although I think they are responsible for Badge.
Ray Owen, Merseyside, 2:30 PM 16/06/2013
Blue Kipper, that's the second one you've posted as the new kit. Which one is the right one?
Macca, Huyton, 2:16 PM 16/06/2013
It's too short by half an inch in the body and the arms are too long by an eighth of an inch. The white is the wrong shade. The collar should be button down or tab. The Blue isn't Royal. The Nike tick is back to front. I can't buy it in Paddies corner shop in Dundalk or Ivan's Shirts in Moscow or The Krazy House in Fleet Street. Fuckin ell I'm in clover here.
Permanent Whinger, Bootle, 1:59 PM 16/06/2013
I'm afraid to say that looks pretty legit. Hopefully it'll have white socks.
Bert, Devon, 1:36 PM 16/06/2013
Will we be able to buy our toddlers a kit this year?
paddy, rotterdam, 1:32 PM 16/06/2013
Even if I did like it, I couldn't buy it on principle. I'm boycotting the badge and in courage all else to do the same. The club just can't fuck about with things sacred. It's like drawing a Hitler muzzy on the crucified Christ! I showed it to my girlfriend and she said the tower looked like a Mr Whippy. Boycott the badge. Boycott the kit and show Nike and Kitbag that they can't do whatever they want with our identity for shirt sales. The club should know better an all, hiring a kopite to create the monstrosity.
Cagsy, Liverpool, 1:30 PM 16/06/2013
probably right as this is the brazil kit but in everton colours, same as the keeper kit
dave, everton, 1:23 PM 16/06/2013
First the badge, now this.......ffs
Dave, Walsall, 1:20 PM 16/06/2013
That is ugly to go with the fantastic new badge (sarcasm) if you're going to mess up,mess up properly. Bravo
Luke, Oz, 1:18 PM 16/06/2013
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