New Everton Kit
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These kits a supposed to be the new kit for 2013/14 season. Who knows? 

A royal blue home shirt with a white splash on the colour with another white bit on the neck of the shirt.

The away shirt is black with blue colour and cuffs.

Send your designs of what you think the new kit should be and we'll feature them on the site.

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Comments about New Everton Kit
All this moaning about à badge WTF .......wé av a new manager à no doubt 2/3 new players this summer ........roll on august i say !!!!
adam....., lancaster, 9:39 PM 11/06/2013
It is the way it is, badge or no badge its blue and will be worn with pride by all the lads on the pitch and i hope off the pitch. Lets all just hope that Bill can sought out the financial state. If not send Dunc round to sought them out. nil satis nisi optimum
Chris Carlin, Burnley, 9:09 PM 2/06/2013
I will buy the new shirt... but wear the old one... Nil Satis!
Bill, Prescot, 6:03 PM 2/06/2013
It's mad - the new merchandise with the new badge on is selling better than usual because people think it'll be a collectors item - I went the club shop today, and the manager told me
DW, Liverpool, 6:51 PM 1/06/2013
The club have done what they can to rectify their mistake. True blues will buy the shirts (if they usually do) because its creates revenue for the club and we all want the club to be successful. Moaners who just enjoy moaning, let it go now.
Alan, Liverpool, 2:36 PM 1/06/2013
Like the look of them, the badge is still gash though. If they stick to their word we can all put up with it for one season I suppose, Cant we?
stemac1878, huyton, 12:47 PM 1/06/2013
Okay the new badge is not great, fair enough, but my little lad will be getting it. My big problem with the kits has been the lack of a sponsor on the kids kits. Didn't they have Chang Soda on some tops a few years ago. Also Tony D from Birkenhead...turn it in you fool, you sound like a redshite!!
Mark, Aintree, 12:33 PM 1/06/2013
Tony comment( 22 ) millions of indviduals voted Labour in the last Genral election but as we know the Tories won does that mean we should all leave the country? Life goes on mate and we need to support our great club not hammer them every oppertunity we get. They have held their hands up and addmitted they got it wrong. If we encourage supports not to buy merchandise it is only our great club who suffers. Rant over COYB
Danny, Bootle, 12:11 PM 1/06/2013
Why buy something that is all about profit for Nike. Cheap and nasty more about sponsors brand than Everton . Don't fall for the "nothing wrong with badge we just didn't consult widely enough". Next year you will get a more slick excersise in manufacturing consent so that they can say to the fans the badge is their choice. Ever met anyone but a fool who bought into last proposed ground move.
bluehawklord, Wirral, 11:58 AM 1/06/2013
It look ok but it not got a Everton badge on so it not a Everton kit and is it me or is it not Everton blue anymore are they really think any true Evertonians are got to buy this Shirt as it look like a very rubbish copy that you would get from turkey or somthing
Adam, James, 11:56 AM 1/06/2013
These ARE fake - Everton are not part of the Nike elite range that Man U, Arsenal, Barca are.. Which means we don't get the expensive kits that have ventilation on the sides and the 'T' on the shoulders - which these kits display
DW, Liverpool, 11:02 AM 1/06/2013
We're EVERTON and we'll be EVERTON forever!!! Badge, no badge! We've changed our badge throughout the history of the club. The badge some claim to represent everton is different to that of the league winning shirt of the 80's and many more. What EVERTON do on the pitch, off the pitch and how we support our team and how we uphold the good name of the club is more important than boycotting buying this new shirt. Tony D 'Anyone who buys a shirt with that badge on is not an Evertonian' I'm not hating on my fellow evertonians were all in this together but just look at all your everton kits from years ago and tell me the badge hasn't changed before. Real evertonians support the club no matter what!! Lets just get behind the team, were starting to sound like that moaning red shite lot across the park!!! #COYB
Si, Derbyshire , 10:45 AM 1/06/2013
If only 1 season it might be worth something in time!!!
Kev, Swindon, 10:20 AM 1/06/2013
I really like both shirts (apart from the badge) but once again Everton are missing the trick! Why the hold up? I go on holiday next week! I would love to be wearing a new shirt with pride! A new shirt should be available last game of the season - money for transfers and we as blues can show it off! Why oh why do we have to wait? Never had to wait when it was Umbro
joe, Warrington, 8:59 AM 1/06/2013
by the end of next season most people will like the new crest ....the club know this. Don't give a fuck myself. I'm an Everton fan and always will be...COYB
woody, warks, 8:42 AM 1/06/2013
Good excuse Tony, Just admit you can't afford the shirt in the first place. Those of us with money will buy the shirt support the club and move on. The club admitted they made a mistake an they will change it next year.
Mike, Everton, 8:37 AM 1/06/2013
Over 23,000 Evertonians have petitioned against the new badge. For one of them to buy anything with it on would be a bit hypocritical. I would seriously question the intelligence of anyone claiming to like the new badge.
Tony D, Birkenhead, 12:53 AM 1/06/2013
It's Royal Blue. Do I need to say any more ?
Blue Boy, Maghull, 12:35 AM 1/06/2013
#10 do you not listen? the new badge HAS been put on the new kit. we are getting a new one next year because this one is s**t and we let the board know it is. #idiot# The away kit looks good, but not with that badge
Gary Wright , Bootle, 10:29 PM 31/05/2013
Nice kits. Very nice. Getting them. Can't wait. The only bad thing is that liverpool's kits are out before Everton. Why do we always leave it late. Still love the club though
Jamie Stewart age 9, Kirkby, 10:27 PM 31/05/2013
Don't you listen Liam? The badge has not been thrown out. It will be used next season. Everton stated this saying the kits are already bein made so it's too late to change it. So with that in mind, there is a chance these could be real. Whether they are or not, the new kit will definately have the new badge not the current/old one.
Jamie O'Connor, Liverpool, 6:24 PM 31/05/2013
So Tony 6 when my lad starts asking for the kits for his birthday in a few weeks time. Am I meant to tell him sorry lad. Tony from Birkenhead said anyone buying them kits is not an Evertonian. But dad you've been going for hundreds of years and me and you have got season tickets since I was 4. I know son but Tony said. But dad what about when I go the soccer camp in a few weeks and all me mates have got them. I know mate but Tony said. Ill tell you what Toe you come and tell my boy on the morning of his birthday the reason he can't have the kits. And I'll tell you what my misuse will do with you. I don't give a flying one about the badge, me and my son are blue through and through their not going to change the badge now so get over yourself. As the yanks say in all them silly films.
Cods head , Walton , 6:19 PM 31/05/2013
Lets all be honest,the badge looks good on these kits!!I love these shirts and hope its the new jersey!Still want the logo back next year thou!Coybib
callum, dublin, 5:57 PM 31/05/2013
Pathetic comment from Tony D about anyone buying shirts with the new badge on, grow up for heavens sake.
Andy, Warrington, 5:50 PM 31/05/2013
Liam, you do know the new badge IS being used on shirts for THIS season really don't you??
Reg, Chester, 5:13 PM 31/05/2013
If it's anything like the polo shirt that Barkley was wearing on the official site last week it should say nil satis on the collar.
Paul, Allerton, 5:06 PM 31/05/2013
I cant see what all the fuss is about the shirt looks ok with the badge on too.
mark, north wales, 4:45 PM 31/05/2013
I think the new badge looks great,simple but direct.
Alan Morris, Southport, 3:34 PM 31/05/2013
It actually looks good, I complained about the badge when it first came out but I am starting to like it. I see what direction they are trying to go in and it is nearly their. It looks good with the white trim rather than the yellow trim around the shield. The Shirts look nice actually.
Maz, Everton, 3:13 PM 31/05/2013
Do you guys not listen. The badge has been thrown out and these kits are probably fake because the new shirts have been manufactured with the current badge. So no new badge until next year. The away kit is smart though.
Liam Markie, Warrington, 2:26 PM 31/05/2013
Love the new kits, and after initial scepticism about that badge, it does look better on them shirts, ill be getting both if they really are!
Mark, Birkenhead, 2:23 PM 31/05/2013
Can't be real. The crap badge on the away shirt in BLUE not white. This, bespite the fact that the Nike swoosh and the Chang is in white. It tells me that these are fake. Shame, I actually like these.... apart from the crappy badge (obviously).
Barry , Wirral, 1:28 PM 31/05/2013
Naaaah maybe next year. I still say nobody should buy this kit with this badge. Their only trying to save face because of the backlash to keep the money coming in. Found my old shirts which hold many memories, so their getting worn this year beer stains an all. COYB.
bibz, L26, 1:24 PM 31/05/2013
Anyone who buys a shirt with that badge on is not an Evertonian. (P.S. Is part of the deal with Nike having at least one kit a season with those stupid cuffs?)
Tony D, Birkenhead, 1:20 PM 31/05/2013
love the away top, as always
kev, oxford, 1:08 PM 31/05/2013
just stick the motto under the badge and jobs a gud 'un
kev, walton, 1:07 PM 31/05/2013
Can I start whinging now or do I have to wait for the official launch?
Permanent Whinger, South Road pub, 1:01 PM 31/05/2013
For the first time in god knows how many years, I couldnt give a toss about the new kit. I wont be getting anything with that shite badge on.
SteveH, Manchester, 12:55 PM 31/05/2013
The new badge looks lovely on the blue background : )
Bluethrunthru, Goodison, 12:36 PM 31/05/2013
I'd probably buy that if it didn't have the shit badge on it.
Nick, Southport, 12:31 PM 31/05/2013
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