Johnny Happy With The Swoosh
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Everton has launched the royal blue home kit for the 2012/13 season.

The kit is similar to the one featured here back in May.

Johnny Heitinga is happy with the new Nike Swoosh on the royal blue jersey.

Johnny said: "I am really familiar with Nike kits having played in them for Holland and my previous clubs - they are always slim fit and really nice jerseys.

"The blue kit is my favourite, it is beautiful kit. I have seen all three and they are all beautiful but the blue shirt is our home colours - the one we play in most often - and I always like to wear our own colours.

"I think the Everton fans will be really happy with it."


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Comments about Johnny Happy With The Swoosh
What's all this about white socks? We have worn blue ones loads of times. In fact arnt we the blues? It dosnt matter anywa. What matters is on the pitch
Ryan sloan, liverpool, 7:07 PM 25/07/2012
Slim fit......... no good for me!!
lee, rainhill, 3:03 PM 13/07/2012
Moaning about kits, what's next, whining about pasties and pies?
Tony, Stoneycroft, 1:58 PM 13/07/2012
White socks!!.White socks!! ..White socks!!...How many times do the club need telling..FFS!!!
Tony, Widnes, 1:57 PM 13/07/2012
I guess Nike wanted to take the limelight away from Everton and get people to focus on the shirt, Job well done! Now can we have our old League Cup Royal blue kit back? or at least get rid of those arm bands and bring on the white socks! We had our most successful period when we had them... Why no kids kits???? You will never make money Everton, sack the promotions manager and the marketing manager...they havent got a clue...
Richy Styles, Kirkdale, 11:13 AM 13/07/2012
Could be worse. It could be red and made by whopper or warrior or whatever......... It's Nike. We have progressed to greater things. Just buy it we need the money ! ! ! Coyb
Stanno, Widnes, 8:54 AM 13/07/2012
Utter garbage, we play in Royal blue not someones washed out denims.....and we probably sign adults that can swim so no need for armbands.If it isnt bibs its armbands what about some white grandpa braces around the swoosh too.
Phil the tinman, Edinburgh, 8:55 PM 12/07/2012
Those clever people at Nike have done it again! Great for crossing roads in and I believe the white arm bands immediately turn in to arm floats as soon as the shirt hit's the water! Which is ironic as they don't do baby or toddler sizes!
Doug, Liverpool, 8:10 PM 12/07/2012
Last season shit was great, why not just put a nike tick on that? ...also loved the link in the old umbro shrit (...a few years back) with the fans cause of the printed 'its a grand old team to play for' on the inside.
Darren, Lower Gwladys, 7:13 PM 12/07/2012
I agree with many of the comments, but there will always be slightly different opinions from fans and everyone about exactly how the kit should be changed to look the best...but let's all just take a moment to think about our fallen blue comrades in Cardiff and be thankful that we don't have idiots coming in and changing the colour to Red so things could be so much worse!!!
Rick, Merseyside, 6:16 PM 12/07/2012
It is the same kit as the new Brazil jersey, except theres is yellow with green armbands.
Liam , Liverpool, 5:13 PM 12/07/2012
totally love it
ricey, birkenhead, 4:26 PM 12/07/2012
Nowt wrong with it. The white bands do look slightly distracting, but I'm sure I'll get used to them.
Mr Burns, Springfield, 4:00 PM 12/07/2012
Well i think it looks pretty smart and a change from the boring old blue kits we seems to get. I love Nike so i'll be purchasing it!
Alex, Childwall, 2:53 PM 12/07/2012
Think the club are out of order not bringing out baby/ toddler kits. They reduce the season ticket prices but you can't let your child wear the new strip to the game. I can understand costs but surely at least one of the strips should be issued as im sure theres plenty of Toffees who look forward to getting there kids them!! COYB!!
Cliff, Catterick, 2:11 PM 12/07/2012
On the positive side its a great incentive to qualify for Europe, least the players wll get a chance to swap shirts.
Aodh, Dublin, 1:47 PM 12/07/2012
No, I Just DON'T Like it.........The Copies are already on sale in Bangkok, but they are only a Tenner.......Anyone want one ??
Alan Brown, Thailand, 1:15 PM 12/07/2012
Very 'Walter Smith' - I won't be buying it and I've told my family not to get it for me as a birthday present either. If this is the best Nike can do then come back Le Coq or Umbro
H, In Work, 12:59 PM 12/07/2012
Are we going swimming? Long sleeved version a lot better, it only has small white band.
Jacko, St helens, 12:55 PM 12/07/2012
Why why why those stupid sleeves!!!!! And the blue's too pale. Apart from that it's fine! At least it's not made from leftover curtain fabric like that of our loveable Norwegien neighbours!!
Bob Edge, Maghull, 12:51 PM 12/07/2012
We finally get a decent brand & they come up with this, worsed kit since 80s bib. When this was leakd on the net a few weeks ago, everyone was saying "hope its not that one". White cuffs look terrible.
Kev, Bromborough, 12:32 PM 12/07/2012
Thats just saved me £200. Won't be wasteing money on that tosh. And before i get all the "you dont support your club" stuff the only people making money from this is Nike and Kit Bag,
Adrian, Tonbridge, 12:20 PM 12/07/2012
The white sleeves look awful. They should have just kept at all plain royal blue! Looks smarter when it all one colour! Should also have white socks.
Mike, Everton, 12:16 PM 12/07/2012
I love the kit. The best in the league.
Liam , Liverpool city, 12:15 PM 12/07/2012
Love the collar very retro, Dodgy white bands on the arms, am not to struck on them but at least its a little different. and the socks should be white. Have you seen the goalie kit FFS I mean WTF proper gash.
stemac1878, huyton, 11:47 AM 12/07/2012
Hmmm........the long sleeved shirt looks a lot better. The White sleeves look odd on the short sleeved version. Maybe you could roll them up a bit LOL.
Rhodris-dad, Rhyl, 11:33 AM 12/07/2012
In two minds about this. Think EFC should always wear white socks and the white sleeves do look a bit stupid. Fully agree with Kev from Walton, at least we don't have warrior as a kit maker!?!? The Nike tick looks sweeeeeet!
Loz, Dorset, 11:21 AM 12/07/2012
Is there a long sleeved version? If so You can roll them up over the white armbands. Seriously will some of our shortsighted officials be able to tell who's the Captain.
Win, Stafford, 11:03 AM 12/07/2012
Bloody awful...
Bluboy, Rainhill, 10:45 AM 12/07/2012
Best home kit since the last Umbro kit. Basic design but a bit different (not much you can do with blue shirt really) Like the color and close up the material looks better quality than recent kits.
Scotty, Kirkby, 10:40 AM 12/07/2012
A nice shirt thats spoilt a little bit by the sleeves ... then again its nowhere as bad, cheap or comical looking as the "we come not to play" effort from the racists across the park. Any serious detractors of our new kit should gaze across the neutral zone of Stanley Park and thank God we havent got "Warrior" doing our kit.
kev, walton, 10:39 AM 12/07/2012
Where's the white socks?
Wyn , Everton, 10:20 AM 12/07/2012
Its horrendous. Truly horrendous. Away kit it is then.
Chris, Blackpool, 10:05 AM 12/07/2012
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