Everton Nike Kit Just Like Watching Brazil
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This is what the new Everton Nike kit could look like. Basicaly its a Royal Blue copy of the new Brazil kit.

Sent in by Eddie Foulkes, Crosby.

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Comments about Everton Nike Kit Just Like Watching Brazil
That kit is an exact replica of the brazil AWAY kit not the home one except the white 'bands' are yellow on the brazil kit. i said on twitter to Distin that he was having a laugh with us and he just said you'll have to wait and see. still think its just the brazil away photoshopped
ste , merseyside, 10:34 AM 6/05/2012
Looks nice for Brazil and their colours; not us though
Corey, Wirral, 9:54 PM 5/05/2012
I bloody love it, best kit in years. About time we had a classy kit, awesome!!!
peter jones, shrewsbury, 1:47 PM 5/05/2012
Distin said yes to pretty much every question asked about the kit on twitter, think he was just having a laugh
Ste, Crosby, 11:28 AM 5/05/2012
Get a grip. It's classy, royal blue and no stupid buttons or collars on it. If it doesn't suit your beer belly then get some exercise! All these years whinging about not having Nike or Adidas and when we get it, still moaning!
GP, Netherlands, 10:51 AM 5/05/2012
Bluekipper can we please stop with this kit nonsense! "This is what the new kit COULD look like". It isn't the new kit, stop guessing, just show us the real one when there's a photo
Chris C, L18, 10:45 AM 5/05/2012
the brazil kit in the pic ha the sleeves rolled up, thats why the green band isn't as wide as he white in the Everton kit.
Johny F, Ireland, 10:06 AM 5/05/2012
Going to have to hit the gym to get rid of my man tits if I am to get this one. Hope it's not made of the same plastic as the white V neck one which makes you sweat like a division 1 rapist.
Scottie, Upper Bullens, 8:48 AM 5/05/2012
I think it looks O.K but the more i see it i think would it look any good on most of the fans who will buy it? Not that I'll be judging anyone but half of us none athletes are going to look a bit mad sporting pot bellies wearing this figure hugging number looking like it's been designed for an action hero! I could do with going for a jog...
macey, liverpool, 4:37 AM 5/05/2012
I like it. May be alone in liking it but I think its pretty badass. As long as it isn't as tight as Fulham's.
Mike, Swansea, 9:52 PM 4/05/2012
It would look better if the collar piece was white to go with the sleeves - they look a bit random on their own!
alpha1, England, 8:41 PM 4/05/2012
Does anyone know when the kit will be offically launched?
Blue Batman, Midlands, 5:52 PM 4/05/2012
Someone sent that pic to Distin a bit ago on twitter and he said it was that but didnt remember it being so tight like it looks in the pic. I like it but do think the white cuff things on the sleeves are too big, if they was smaller like the green on the Brazil kit then it would be better IMO.
Aide, Wakefield, 4:01 PM 4/05/2012
whole effect looks clumsy with those overly broad white bands - ugh. Hope this isn't it
Exiled Blue, Croydon, 3:55 PM 4/05/2012
I don't like it, don't think my beer belly would look too nice in that skin tight jersey :0 also I don't really like the white trim on the sleeves. Apparently, Distin is said to have confirmed this kit on his twitter account.
Johny F, Ireland, 3:54 PM 4/05/2012
Whole effect looks clumsy with those overly broad white bands - ugh. Hope this isn't it
Exiled Blue, Croydon, 3:54 PM 4/05/2012
It's boring and I couldn't give two hoots if Brazil wear one similar. It's shit.
Pacojones , Liverpool, 3:01 PM 4/05/2012
Not sure myself, but many people are saying this is a fake due to inconsistancies with the fabric shape and the Chang logo - as if it's been manipulated in Photoshop.
Ben Glover, Stockton-On-Tees, 1:58 PM 4/05/2012
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