Transfer Deadline Blues
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Transfer deadline, rum and coke, 
Toffee's headline, Red shite joke. 

Brendan chocker, got no dough, 
Moysey's locker, fit to go.

Yankee's doodle, miss a deal, 
Kenwright's poodle, gets his meal.

Oh the Kop end, sit and cry,
season will end, say bye bye. 

Moysey's army, on the ball,
Brendan's barmy, got fuck all.

Watch the red shite, fall behind,
they've got no fight, press rewind.
Glory is ours, watch this space, 
we've got Z cars, Just in case.

Poor old Charlie, lost his way,
Andy's barley, he can't play.

Watching sky sports, deals galore,
bringing all sorts, to our door.

Where's their players? What's their goal?
Gone to Sayers, for a roll! 

Want a pasty, or a sub? 
Don't be nasty, join our club.
We are moving, with the time,
slowly proving, we're sublime. 

Arise Sir Kenwright, take our team,
above the Red shite, to our dream. 

Consistent football, it's a blast,
the Reds in freefall, they're the past. 

Final hour, still no sign, 
lacking power, I resign.

Take the mickey, as I do, 
nothing tricky, I'm a blue. 

Going places, with this club,
Brendan's aces, in the pub? 

Crying tears, there's a mist,
all their fears, getting pissed. 

Laughing stock, once again, 
in the dock, to cause you pain. 

Watch the blues, on the rise, 
slaughter you, before your eyes. 

Keep your ground, your pissy Kop,
we are sound and we're on top. 

Transfer deadline, running out, 
I see sunshine, what a shout! 

Darren Efc Carter Sent in via facebook 

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Comments about Transfer Deadline Blues
shite lol
Nogz, Work, 9:56 AM 3/09/2012
This fella is Laureate , or get the prize for fine and noble writing. Is poetry in motion.. "Whats Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 10:44 PM 2/09/2012
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