Another Merseyside Derby Dawns
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Another Merseyside Derby Dawns

The hopes and fears of a city
are about to be realised

Some will rise others will fall
Yet whoever shall take the prize

Let it be known that we have already
won the greatest prize of all


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Comments about Another Merseyside Derby Dawns
What the fuck was Moyes thinking ? That team was a total and utter cop out, pardon the pun ! Are you telling me the players he left out can't play two big games in 4 days, coz I bet every one of them left out must have been cursing the manager. We were beaten and well beaten by a Lpool side that were hardly top drawer, unbelievable !!!
Robbie G, Prescot, 12:59 AM 14/03/2012
Well I've never since such a lackless performance I like Jags but Johnny has been doing really well with Distin why change it. Plus Rodwell 1 good game 5 bad then he's injured should of sold he last season. I know its the cup on Sat but beating the Redshite means more to me since we haven't done that in thier yard since 99.
Matt, Notts, 12:57 AM 14/03/2012
Once again Moyes has the chance to keep the momentum going after the Spurs game and he chooses to make all of those changes in order to save players for the Sunderland game. Why the hell he didn't start the game with the team that started against Spurs (except Peanuts for Seamus) is totally and utyerly beyond comprehension. Not only is it a derby match but a chance to above redshite, chase a euro spot and keep the unbeaten run going. Martin O'Neil's notes must have said 'no problems we only need to turn up to get our semi spot'. Disgrace, well said Rik.
Adey, Isle of Man, 10:59 PM 13/03/2012
What a fuckin disgrace! Not one of those players can hold their head high after that! As for moyes we had better win on Saturday or you ll look a right prick! Why oh why do we crumble against the red shite! Sell Rodwell in the summer too, utter shite!
Rik, Telford, 10:02 PM 13/03/2012
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