A Poem To Chuckle With
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The redshite Went To The Seaside

They went to the seaside to try their luck,
but old King Kenny is as thick as fuck.
With Shelvey and Poulson it was mix 'n' match,
and as predicted they played like twats.
torres scored and lit up the night,
but Skrtel & co are a load of shite.

The well has run dry and there's no more brass,
Gerrard and Carra are sat on their arse!
John Henry and co have spent all they've got,
But a billion quid won't stop the rot.
They will go down but don't have any fear,
because The Peoples Club will always be here.


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Comments about A Poem To Chuckle With
Good ditty brother. Only problem is that they will never go down cos the FA ,UEFA, FIFA, IOC, NASA, NATO, SKY, KGB, CIA, MI5 and the PM will all bend over backwards to ensure they stay up and probably give them a cup for their troubles. Do I sound like I'm bitter and twisted or what ? Better get back to that dark room again, only come out to use the toilet.
liam g , royal aintreeee, 7:00 PM 15/01/2011
That poem's beast mate :D
gc, mk, 2:14 PM 15/01/2011
Still like my ditty INZAGHI GOT TWO MUST BE A BLUE
toddy, ex rocket, 12:52 PM 15/01/2011
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