1. Jock Dodds Everton's 1st Post War Record Signing
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Jock Dodds
Jock Dodds
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Ephraim 'Jock' Dodds Was Everton's Recod Signing in November 1946, when we paid £8,800 to Shamrock Rovers. Jock played 55 games and scored 36 goals in 2 seasons for Everton. Everton sold him to Lincoln City for £6,000 in October, 1948.

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Comments about 1. Jock Dodds Everton's 1st Post War Record Signing
My own not very vivid recollection was that Jock Dodds was not that great. Remember however he came as a successor to Dixie Dean who in turn was followed by b Tommy Lawton, in my opinion the two greatest No. 9's we have ever had. Any Centre forward we had bought at that time was on a hiding to nothing
timloid, Stockport, 5:53 PM 3/06/2010
Dead right Gavin and he made 58 apps and scored 37 goals the other 3 apps and 1 goal being in the FA Cup
Bill Hayes, St Annes, 2:00 AM 3/06/2010
Believe it or not i think Steve simonsen's £3.3m was a record for a stopper! As was Paul Gerard at £1.5m! Makes T-How's £4m look like a bagain doesn't it?
Delian, Nnorth Wales, 9:11 PM 2/06/2010
I don't think he was signed from Shamrock Rovers. I think that lad was signed from Blackpool, and was known as Jock Dodds.
Gavin Cahill, Dublin, 1:21 PM 2/06/2010
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