Blues Hold shite at Analfield
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Those who went along to Analfield last night would have been delighted with a match that was full of special goals, incidents, but unfortunately only a draw for Alan Stubbs and his second string.

The Blues were pegged back to a 2-2 draw against the shite's second string, but our first half performance alone was well worth the few quid admittance fee.

The only blot on the evening was the injury to Jose Baxter which looks like ending his season prematurely as he was carried off halfway through the first period.

Putting that aside, Moyesy was also on hand to watch a goal that Adam Forshaw will remember forever as he gave the Blues the lead with fifteen minutes gone on the clock.

Receiving the ball in the shite half, he threw a dummy and unleashed a curling shot from twenty five yards out in to the Analfield Road End were a handful of Blues had turned out to watch. The shite keeper was helpless as his shot powered into the roof of the net, and it was a goal worthy of a candidate for Goal of the Month.

Just before the half Conor McAleny doubled the Blues lead when after a good knockdown from Apostolis Vellios left the youngster free to guide his shot on the volley into the same Analfield Road net.

Two nil at the half, and we even threw in a penalty save form Blues keeper Connor Roberts when he saved well from some shite player after the most dubious of decisions by Clattenburgs son me thinks.

The second period came and the shite fought back, and by twenty minutes into the second period their half time bollicking by some Spanish geezer had bore fruit for them.

The Blues were hanging on, and the second period was all the shite. Our first half exertions however will give Stubbsey and the watching Moyesy from the stands something to take from the game.

Everton: Roberts, Browning, Garbutt, Kinsella, Nsiala, Bidwell, Craig, Baxter, Vellios, McAleny, Forshaw

Subs: Barrow (Craig), Donovan (Baxter), Forrester, Fitzgibbon, Murphy

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Comments about Blues Hold shite at Analfield
That match report was SHITE!!! Matty you have no sense of humour if you think that was funny. GROW UP.
robbie , seaforth, 10:47 PM 25/03/2011
They ARE the SHITE & they play at ANALFIELD.They are also GOBSHITES & responsible for our demise in the 80's & don't forget it.Things may have been so much better for us if it were not for the GOBSHITES.Do they care?Do they SHITE.Check out their flag at ANALFIELD that's meant to chastise us over the European cup.Why would I want any sort of relationship with them when I was born a Blue?I hate the 'orrible GOBSHITES with so much passion I can taste it.Rivalry?Get stuffed!Magnumopous,Valkenburg.Chuddynuddy l4.f-off somewhere else.
Big Tommy, Go to Hell, 8:13 PM 25/03/2011
Great Report BlueKipper!!! Although a load of old bollocks seem to have now appeared in the comments section.
Simmy Soccer, Guiseley, 7:33 PM 25/03/2011
Fuckin hell lad ... why not just give a report without the bile ? You need to grow up a bit mate.. I'm not arsed about that lot from over the park , but using terms like the shite and analfield sounds childish and just makes us look like weve got the same hate and obsessive feelings towards them as they have for Man Utd. Don't stoop to those levels, just sit back and enjoy all the bitterness between Liverpool and Utd or Devon and Cornwall ... Maccys and Burger King , if you like.. it's the same thing
chuddynuddy, L 4, 12:47 PM 25/03/2011
Why are there Kopites crying on a reserves match report? Ever hear of Banter? Oh I forgot, Kopites aren't scousers so they don't have a sense of humour! COYB
Matty, Mossley Hill, 9:33 AM 25/03/2011
I went to the game after renewing my season ticket - 'Everton are class; why am I watching the Red shite?' - I thought to my self. I went over to some Evertonians to ask them how do we get to Goodison... but non of them Spoke Norsk, they had this funny accent, I think it is called scouse - I've never heard it on the Kop before.
Micky Olsen, Norway, 9:23 AM 25/03/2011
For the first time ever I am ashamed to be an Evertonian . William Ralph Dean , you must be spinning in your grave .
Twitters, L24, 9:07 AM 25/03/2011
Wow! That has got to be the worst and most pathetic match report ever written. Grow up!
me, home, 8:16 AM 25/03/2011
What a wanker wrote this nonsense. No wonder good will between the two teams has been lost! Rivalry is one thing but bitterness has no place in sports, mate!
magnumopus, Valkenburg, 8:15 AM 25/03/2011
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