Blues Outdone By Blackburn
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Two goals from Blackburn cancelled out Apostolos Vellios's strike as the Blues went down 2-1 away to Blackburn.

Stubbsey's side had to do without last week's man of the match Maggie Gueye, but they still had experience in Jose Baxter, Shane Duffy and Shodkran Mustafi playing.

Even though they went down 2-1, it was a vast improvement on their last performance against Blackburn only a few months back when they were hammered 5-1 at home.

Shane Duffy had one ruled out just before the half time break for a foul. Even in defeat, Stubbsey should be pleased with the improvement from his second string.

Everton: Roberts, Nsiali, Garbutt, Kinsella, Duffy, Mustafi, Craig, Baxter, Vellios, McAleny, Forshaw

Subs: Forrester, Donegan, Fitzgibbon, Bidwell, Barrow

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