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Blue Kipper - Call Y’self An Evertonian?
Saturday 27th August 1966 3:00 PM
Attendance: 64318
Goal Scorers: A Ball (2) 9mins, 17 mins, S Brown 83mins

Everton Team: G West, T Wright, R Wilson, J Gabriel, B Labone, C Harvey, D Temple, A Ball, F Pickering, A Young, J Morrissey Sub: S Brown
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1966 FA Cup Winners
1966 FA Cup Winners

The third game of the 66/67 season sees the FA Cup holding Toffee men welcome the lovable League Champions from across Stanley Park.

After showing some promise during a summer tournament down in London, Harry Catterick has broken the transfer record to bring in young Alan Ball to make his derby debut.

There is a late fitness test on Alex Scott and Mike Trebilcock is added to the squad.

Everton will want revenge for the defeat in the Charity Shield earlier in the month. A game that Alan Ball didn't play in

Everton from: G West, T Wright, R Wilson, J Gabriel, B Labone, B Harris, C Harvey, D Temple, A Ball, F Pickering, M Trebilcock, A Young, J Morrissey, S Brown, & A Scott

Comments about Team News
The greatest Evertonian from a select band of blue heroes. I'm like Neil and fill up every time I think of his passing. My first Everton hero.
Martin, USA, 3:39 AM 8/09/2011
The greatest i have seen by a country mile The way he spoke about us years after he had left showed what he was all about. I will never forget the reception the St End gave his lad when he laid those flowers after his death, and this by mostly fans who were not old enough to see him play, just heard about him I still fill up when i think about him not being here God bless you Bally, the greatest
Neil, Orrell, 11:48 AM 7/09/2011
in total agreement with posts below... Alan Ball was my all time favourite player... hence my name.... heartbroken when he left to join arsenal.. even more so when he passed away.....
blueballie, tenerife, 10:52 AM 7/09/2011
love alan ball
dj, wigan, 9:47 PM 6/09/2011
Far and away the best player I've ever seen in our Royal Blue Jersey. Unsurpassed!!
Ron, Blueville, 8:19 PM 6/09/2011
As a ten year old boy I went to the Charity Shield match at Goodison, and although we only lost 1-0 we were battered. I couldn't go to the third game of the season, but I can still remember my dad coming home and simply saying "Well son, we've signed some player there". We had.
Peter Mills, Crosby, 7:17 PM 6/09/2011
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