Everton 2 West Ham 2 - 1958
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Everton 2 West Ham Utd 2 / 15th November 1958 / Att: 40,819

Everton: Dunlop, Parker, Bramwell, King, Jones (TE), Harris (B), Harris (J), Thomas, Hickson, Collins, O'Hara

Scorers: Harris (J), Thomas

The names on that Everton team sheet bring back many memories as my first match was also in 1958; home to West Ham, 2-2. I was taken, aged 11, by someone my mum knew as she wouldn't let me go to my first match on my own. (No police checks in those days!)

Tom Finney was drawing to the end of a great career but I think he was still in the PNE team that came to Goodison in 1960. I'm sure I'll be corrected if he wasn't!

I'm still a season ticket holder in Gwladys Street and we've had some great highs, and lows, over the years but those late 1950s matches stand out for me even though we had a pretty poor team. Wonder if it's the same for kids today, what with the blanket TV and press coverage. All we had was the footy Echo and the Sunday and Monday papers and that was about it until the next Saturday. Bill Watson

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