Man Utd 1 Everton 0 - 1983
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Man Utd 1 Everton 0 / FA Cup Quarter Final / 12th March 1983 / Att: 58,198

Everton: Arnold, Stevens, Bailey, Ratcliffe, Higgins, Richardson, Irvine, McMahon, Sharp, Heath, Sheedy

With all the shit in the press lately about injury time goals, I want to tell you my experience as it was my first ever Away day watching our beloved Blues. Ironically it was at Manchester United in the Quarter Final of the FA Cup in 1983. I think it was Frank Stapleton who hit the winner in the 98th minute (it was officially recorded at that in the press the next day) after some prick of a ref played loads of injury time.

Their Manager was not Sir Alex in those days, but Bo Jangles Ron, but it seems the Mancs even then got their own way in those days. What I remember most about the game though is Jim Arnold in the Everton net, who was outstanding on the day. Also getting legged at the Scoreboard End, dodging the darts and the missiles, fun days bring them back, not.

Cheers Mike Aintree

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This was also my first away day, though we we travelling from Man U mad Londonderry, which meant Old Trafford was the easiest ground to get to from Norn Iron back then. My memories of the game were being so disappointed to be in the stand surrounded by reds [I was the only Evertonian among a group and at just 12 was pretty safe among mostly adults] I can also remember the home fans nervousness as Adrian Heath and Graeme Sharp both missed absolute sitters as Everton dominated for large periods, while Jim Arnold was imperious in goal. I can't remember there being 8 minutes of extra time though and it certainly wasn't for United's benefit because the goal came from an assist from Lou Macari. Bo jangles had only sent Macari on in injury time 'cause Everton were the ones looking more likely to get the winner. To be fair to them it was a screamer from Stapleton and poor Jim was never getting near it. The United fans couldn't believe it and naturally I was saying how unfair the result was when one of their lot said to me "Son, the papers tomorrow will all say who much you deserved to be in the semis but nobody will remember in ten years. Always better to play crap 'n' win than play brilliant 'n' lose." The papers were indeed full of unlucky Everton and I realised down the years he was right. we played some stinkers on the way to the title in '87 and they felt all the sweeter when we won them. Finally my last memory is Mark Higgins. he was in the paper on the day of the game holdin' his dad's cup winner's medal with the headline "Mark's medal mission". He got injured later that year and had to quit the game when he should have captained the side through the great years that followed.
Steve Porter, Lisburn, 9:23 PM 4/03/2010
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