My First Merseyside Derby
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With work being slow, I have read everything on your site in recent weeks. My favorite reading, however, are the stories of peoples first trips to see Everton. Now I feel like sharing my story of my first Derby.

My name is David Barks. I have been raised in America, California to be exact, but have been brought up as an Evertonian. My mother moved here from Liverpool with her parents when she was a teenager and had me a few years later. I still remember running around in my Everton kit that my Grandparents bought for me when I was a small child. But getting back to the point, my first Derby was two years ago, yes, the Carsley goal that sent the stadium into a roar that I had never experienced before.

I had seen two games earlier that year, the win at Man. City and the home win against Boro. On my flight home, I was so enchanted by the experiences of traveling to Manchester with all the Blues, watching Cahill score the winner and us hold on with ten man that I had already made my mind up that I was coming back to watch us play the RS. For some reason I just knew we would win this one. When I got home I immediately went online and looked up ticket prices, as my Grandfather is a season ticket holder and he bought me my first two tickets I did not have any idea how much it would cost. I then saw the Hospitality packages. It was expensive, yes, but I had no choice, I had to buy two hospitality tickets for myself and my brother. Thank God for credit cards. Once I hit submit I couldn't believe it, I WAS GOING TO THE DERBY!!!

Each week couldn't pass quickly enough, until finally me and my brother were in Merseyside waiting for the game to begin. We showed up early in the big white tent as I called it for the open bar and brunch that came with our tickets. We were at a table with a group of people we had not met before, and I can't thank the people running the place enough for letting my Grandfather in to say hello to some of the legends he watched in the glory days. He was thrilled, as was I. To see so many former players there talking to the fans with such warmness and humility was great. Then it was time to walk to our seats. We had amazing seats, and luckily for us the section we sat in was just a few rows down from my Grandfather, making this one hell of a day and family affair. But we were sat next to two Reds. I couldn't believe it, Everton let them sit in our section. But they did pay the extra money for the hospitality package, so I was happy to take their money and let them watch their side go down. 

The game was tense and sloppy at first, a typical Derby. A few hard tackles and a slip by Gerrard right in front of me while taking a free kick. A minute later he was back for a corner, I yelled "fall on your ass again you piece of shit Gerrard". He didn't like that too much, looked right at me and proceeded to take a terrible corner. My Grandfather had the biggest smile I have ever seen him have. Then came the goal. And the stadium just erupted. We were all screaming right at those two Shite supporters. Now I was very glad that they were allowed to sit there. There was nothing they could do or say, they just ducked. I couldn't believe it. My third game, my first Derby and I was going to see a victory over the Shite. As everyone knows we held on for the win, finished ahead of that other team across the park, and we are going to do it again this week. I can feel it, and if I had the money I would be back again. Unfortunately for me, I will be making that flight later in the season, but this Saturday, when Everton take the pitch I will still feel like I am there. I will shiver with excitement and anticipation, knowing that at the end of the game, Everton will be the pride of Merseyside. David Barks. 

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