I Was In The Kop When The Rat Scored
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Saturday 22th February 1986. redshite 0 EVERTON 2 Goals from Ratcliffe(74m) and Lineker(77m). Att: 45,445.

My first match was the derby at Anfield in Feb 1986. My older brother had to work and my Dad said "Come on lad! You're going the Derby". I was 6. We were in the kop and my Dad and his mates took turns to hold me up so I could see. I never saw Lineker's goal, but seen the first one from Ratcliffe. Then I was thrown up in the air. I remember Grobbelaar saving from Trevor Steven when I thought it was a goal. But the overriding memory was the thousands of Evertonians in the kop. Tony Doyle.

EVERTON: Neville Southall, Gary Stevens, Pat Van Den Hauwe, Kevin Ratcliffe, Neil Pointon, Trevor Steven, Peter Reid, Paul Bracewell(Alan Harper, 46m), Kevin Richardson, Gary Lineker, Graeme Sharp. 
redshite: B Grobbelaar, S Lee, J Beglin, M Lawrenson, R Whelan, A Hansen, G Gillespie, C Johnston, I Rush, J Molby(K MacDonald, 46m), S McMahon.

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Comments about I Was In The Kop When The Rat Scored
You wouldn't think Lineker was a blue who stuck it in the Anfield net the way he goes on on telly. You defo know where Hansen stands.
JAYTALITY, Dublin, 3:26 PM 2/05/2013
Ray, You are a legend
karlcad, Down south, 10:46 PM 1/05/2013
I was also on the kop that day with School friends, I contained myself when Rat scored but couldn't when Lineker scored the second. I am the kid with glasses who jumps up just to right of goal as Lineker wheels away. Ray Wirral
Ray, Wirral, 2:30 PM 1/05/2013
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