Everton 2 Coventry 0 1999
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My 1st Match was Coventry home Easter 1999. Super Kev double in a 2-0 win #pickedupthebluebug.  Matthew Ayres‏. @MillionAyres VIA @bluekippercom

Sunday 11 April 1999.  FA Carling Premiership.   Ref: Rob Harris.  Att: 32,341.
Walter Smith's Everton won a hard fought scrappy game 2-0 against Coventry managed by Gordon Strachan. Former Everton full back Buggsy Burrows played for Coventry.  Everton's goals were both scored by Kevin Campbell. Everton had 7 players booked and Marco Materazzi sent off for a second bookable offence in the 85th minute. Everton were hanging on 1-0 up until Super Kev scored the winner with 2 minutes to go.
Everton: Thomas Myhre, David Weir, Craig Short, Dave Watson, Marco Materazzi, Michael Ball, Scott Gemmill, Olivier Dacourt, Nick Barmby, Franny Jeffers(Tony Grant 86m), Kevin Campbell.
Coventry: M Hedman, R Shaw, G Breen, P Williams, D Burrows, P Telfer(J Aloisi, 15m), G McAllister, G Boateng, T Soltvedt, D Huckerby, N Whelan.

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Comments about Everton 2 Coventry 0 1999
Andy, i totally agree with you about super Kev., i rembember him getting us massively important goals, away at the Skunks sticks in the mind. I actually wrote him a letter thanking him for everything he did for us because he was at loan at first and i wanted him to sign permanently. As for Matterazi getting sent off, Huckerby dived and obviously went to same school for cheats as Suarez.
Alan, Hinckley, 12:00 PM 9/09/2012
DH, worstdiver, ofalltime sentenced Marco. At the time it made , SG, look saintly. Still , "Whats Our Name? IMWT
El Cid, Offshore, 11:03 PM 8/09/2012
looks a good side on paper but obviously it wasnt because we were awful at the time my god how we needed supers goals i often say to my mates only for kev we would be like coventry now and how sad is that super kev forever in our debt
andy , huyton, 10:21 PM 8/09/2012
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