Everton 4 Birmingham 1 - 1985
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Saturday 31 August 1985 at Goodison Park
1985-86 - Canon Football League Division 1 
Attendance: 28,066

Goals: EVERTON: G Lineker 11m, 22m, 85m, T Steven 79m (pen). Birmingham:  A Kennedy 25m

EVERTON: N Southall, G Stevens, P Van Den Hauwe, K Ratcliffe, D Mountfield, P Reid, T Steven, G Lineker, A Heath, P Bracewell, K Sheedy.

Birmingham: D Seaman,  R Ranson, M Jones, B Wright, K Armstrong(Sent Off), M Kuhl, D Bremner, A Kennedy, R Hopkins, W Clarke, D Geddis.

My first match was in 1985.  Birmingham City at home. We WON 4-1. Dad took all 3 of his little Blue Boys and we stood in the Lower Bullens.  Lineker got 3, Tricky Trev 1 - fine day! I remember sitting on the bars & repeatedly falling off. Standing on tip toes as we had corner after corner.

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Comments about Everton 4 Birmingham 1 - 1985
Yeah just been on the Everton website and the attendance was 28,066 Quite shocked at the attendance like you said rob we were winning almost everything but dont forget thatcher was around then and some people were on strike or lost jobs. I think im right?
Lee, Warrington, 10:18 AM 28/02/2012
That attendance can't be right can it? We'd just won almost everything and only 28,000 (including me) turned up? Surely not.
Rob, Everton, 3:06 AM 27/02/2012
Remember the game well. There was a bloke in front of me in the Street End who looked like Eric Morecambe giving Lineker dog's abuse. 90 mins later, and after plenty of stick from his fellow blues, he wisely decided to keep schtum.
St Helens Blue, St Helens, 9:53 PM 25/02/2012
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