Everton 2 Luton 2 - 1959
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Everton 2 Luton Town 2
22nd August 1959
Attn: 38,539
Everton team: Dunlop, Parker, Tansey, B Harris, TE Jones, Meagan, J Harris, Thomas, Hickson, Collins, O'Hara
Scorers: J Harris & The Cannonball Kid

I was convinced by my older mate that I had to go 'cos Billy Bingham (a Northern Ireland International, no less!!!) was playing (for Luton). 

Looking at the details I am surprised there were so many fans there, as I was moving all over the ground terraces (Goodison Road and Stanley Park) at ease, just like a half bored 10 year old would do.

Tony, Stockton on Tees

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