My First Match
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Everton 6 Chelsea 0

Saturday 29 April 1978

Attn: 39500

Everton Team: Wood, Robinson, Pejic, Lyons, Wright, Buckley, King, Dobson, Latchford, Telfer, Thomas

Scorers: Latchford 2 (1 pen), Dobson, Lyons, Robinson, Wright

Still remember it like it was yesterday. My first game of football to watch as a family Red was Everton v Chelsea.

Yes that's right our family, the ones that liked football were all Reds and I had never been to a Match, But the Blue side off the family (my uncle) took me to the greatest match ever.

That day changed my heart to Blue. My hero Bob Latchford with his 2 goals to get 30 in a season and praying before taking the pen to get 10,000 for 30 goals from a newspaper I think.

 Latchford reached that total on April 29, 1978; I was 10 sitting on the bar in the far end of the family Paddock as we now know it nearest to the Park End. I fell off the bar about 7-8 times that day.

Once a blue always a blue.

John Garside (Bootle)

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Comments about My First Match
Came up to the game from Portsmouth aged 12 to see my 2nd game at Goodison with my scouse Dad. Was in the main stand and saw the old fella aged about 70 cross the dry moat then ignore a top brass copper waving his stick at him. He wanted to celebrate the big man's achievement. He was so passionate the copper gave up. The 30th goal (a penalty) took so long to set up but when it went in the Old Lady roared as loud as it has. PS Ann NZ, Alan Ball's only football love was Everton even after he retired down south. Once bitten always blue.
Steven Pugh, Southampton ESSCA Blue, 11:51 PM 21/02/2012
I was only little at the time and my cousin took me to see Everton. We had not long bought Alan for I think 100,000 pounds. My cousin is a Liverpool supporter but not your bitter type. Anyway, I kept on asking "Which one is Alan Ball?" I was only little and couldn't see, so he put me on his shoulders, and said "There he is coming over with the ball". The opposition (I cannot remember who they were) had a player come over to mark Alan, Alan looked at him, and pretended to sit on the ball waiting for the guy to come in for the ball. As the player did, Alan pushed the ball through the players legs and went past him. Everyone laughed and clapped at the same time, and off he went towards goal. Not sure if that move ended in a goal, but the supporters loved it, even my cousin, who admitted Alan was a great little player.
Ann, NZ, 7:23 AM 21/02/2012
As an 8 year old living 40 miles from EVERTON then Bob Latchford getting 30 for the season and winning what back then was a lot of money story was what made me fall in love with the club. 33 years later and I'm still in love with the blues.
Roger Kerr, Todmorden, 5:17 PM 20/02/2012
Great game, great day. Does anyone remember the old fella who run on the pitch when Bob scored the 30th? Whatever happened to him?
Riverblue, Liverpool, 11:11 AM 20/02/2012
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