Blue Bill's First Ever Match
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Manchester United 2 - 5 Everton

20th October, 1956.

Attn. 43,677

Everton: Dunlop, Donovan, Birch, TE Jones, Tansey, Farrell, McNamara, Gauld, Kirby, Fielding & Eglington.

Kirby (2), Donovan, Eglington & McNamara

On the 20th October 1956, the lowly Blues travelled to high-flying (unbeaten in 33 league matches, unbeaten in all competitions since the start of the season and Champions Elect) Manchester United with a young goalkeeper Albert Dunlop making his debut and trounced the Red Devils 5-2 at Old Trafford!

My life changed that day. I knew!!

The die had been cast and my whole life would be lived as a worshipper of the Merseyside team that played in blue.

The following Saturday we smashed Arsenal 4-0 and if confirmation was needed (it wasn't) my decision had been approved by those above who smile on us!

Bill Kenwright CBE (from Blues & Beatles)

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Comments about Blue Bill's First Ever Match
Born 5 streets away from Goodison 1959, listening to the roar of the crowd on a saturday, played tennis footy against the walls Bullens rd. First game on me arl fellas shoulders was in the paddock against Manu saw stiles and Stephney and we beat them, all time favorite player was Bally. EFC and its fans are baptised in real football history. Having seen what Johnson nearly did I'm grateful to Bill for how he saved the club, there are easier ways to make money and I hope he wins the euro lottery cos I know what he would do with it. COYB
Mike G, Kirkdale, 8:25 AM 18/02/2012
First game was v. Man City on a rainy night under the lights in October 1960, on the street end with me Dad Denis Law was playing for City in his first spell there and Trautmann was in goal. Bobby Collins, Roy Vernon and Temple all scored in a 4-2 win. Each of my three sons followed the tradition as true Blues and I am looking forward to taking my 2 year old grandson very soon.
Pat S, Southport, 12:48 PM 17/02/2012
I was at this game but it wasn't my first. That was against Blackpool about 1950 when my uncle ( a red) took me to see Stanley Mathews. As was often the case, Mathews was in the programme but didn't actually play. But I was hooked on Everton from that day on. By the way, the Everton team is in the wrong order above. Tansey was left back and Birch was right half. Bobby Charlton was playing his second game for United, his first at home. The United ground looked a bit different in those days. We stood on the open terraces at the Scoreboard end.
Geoffrey Cobb, Denia, Spain, 11:53 AM 17/02/2012
Hey Jimmy (@6), go buy a red shirt, get yourself across to Analfield and then you can spout all the s**t you want. Lee (@8), well said mate!
Steve, Japan, 11:47 AM 17/02/2012
First match Tuesday August 31st 1982 Division 1 Home, Aston Villa, we won 5 - 0, attendance 24,026, scorers Heath A 2 Sharp G 2 (1 pen) King A. What bliss :o)
Paul, Warrington, 11:21 AM 17/02/2012
What exactly is happening to us Jimmy? I'm intrigued. Why are some people punishing Blue Bill? I'm sure if he was a billionaire or a prince of Dubai he would invest silly money but he's NOT. He bought the club, hired a good manager and managed to keep him for ten years, stabalised the club, and managed to transform us into regular European contenders, broke the transfer record on several occasions. 2 Wembley trips and more to come. Sell up if you love the club? Bulls*it.
Lee, Earth, 10:36 AM 17/02/2012
1964 me arl fella had me on his shoulders in the paddock. All I remember were the roars and the cheers which scared the shit out of me, and some old git chunnerin on about the Golden Vision.Fu@#in brilliant!
Big E, Huyton, 2:00 AM 17/02/2012
I am an Everton fan doesn't mean I can buy the club like he did with no money! All you Knew right lovers will soon see what happens to us, I don't know how you can't see what is happening to us?
Jimmy, Merseyside, 1:37 AM 17/02/2012
First match I was 6 years old. Dad took me to Goodison against my Mum's wishes. Mum said it was the only real argument we had, said I was too young, glad Dad won the day. It was in 1953 against Derby County. They won 3-2 according to Dad.
Tony, Cornwall, 11:59 PM 16/02/2012
Can't exactly recall my first match, though it was in the 69-70 season which ended in a title win. I was very young because my blue dad just couldn't wait any longer to take his eldest son to the home of his dreams. I do however remember during one game that season, the fella in the seat behind us throwing me up in the air when my hero Big Joe scored what was apparently a crucial goal. Clearly my dad wasn't too pleased as he grabbed him by the throat and had a word... happy, happy days. I'm looking forward to taking my arl' fella to the FA Cup match on Saturday. He is as blue as ever but I think he is past his throat-grabbing days now, and if anybody can throw me up in the air now then good luck to them.
Mark, Wesham, 11:13 PM 16/02/2012
My first match: Everton 3-2 Bradford City, 2000. I don't remember the scorers, just remember Benito Carbone missing 2 penalties and Bradford being relegated.
Callum, Cheshire, 10:32 PM 16/02/2012
Blue Bill bleeds blue as much as you, us or anyone on this planet. I love the guy for what he has done for our club.
Alan, Hinckley, 4:55 PM 16/02/2012
He loved the blues so much he bought the company. Hope the next owner takes us to the next level. God bless you bill for saving the club and keeping the seat warm for our soon to be named sugar daddy owner or owners
Pab, Walton, 4:01 PM 16/02/2012
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