Everton Doomed?
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Ex shite MD Christian Purslow, a season ticket holder from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, has been putting the boot in in derby week.

According to him, Everton are finished because of the new BT deal and Financial Fair Play rules.

The shite said: "The fundamental effect of the BT deal will be additional wealth for England's big three - Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United - and probably the next three too, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.

"You will now have six teams playing for four Champions League places, with the other 14 teams playing for survival. Never again will the likes of Everton, Newcastle or Villa get near the top - the difference in revenues will just be too great."

Ex Blues CEO Trevor Birch agrees and says: "The difference between finishing fourth and fifth is profound. Americans would call it 'the cliff'. You miss out on £20-30m from Uefa, but it also affects match-day and commercial revenues.

"And the effect is cumulative and logarithmic - it gets more difficult each year.

"It's pure maths. If you finish fifth in the Financial Fair Play era you cannot close the revenue gap. Come fourth and you're fine. You can put £15m on the wage bill - that's three superstars."

So we're all wasting our time turning up each week.

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Comments about Everton Doomed?
Sorry Terry16, Tom Cannon is an Evertonian. The Arse have not spent big money compared to the others. Manure's start of success was born from youngsters. The shite waste big money.It is now even more important to bring on young players (even if we have to sell them eg Shrek, Rodwell). Reduce the subs to 1 plus a keeper and the big squads will be useless. With half of the players not getting any game time, they will move on to "lesser" teams. Wage bills for smaller teams will be less. This will NEVER happen though.
rhodris-dad, rhyl, 2:28 PM 21/11/2013
Well said Sam, Cheshire, your comments are correct, sadly we seem to fighting some of our own short sighted fans, who thought that simply by building hotels and shops in Walton around a revamped Goodison, would of attracted the investment that we have needed to compete.
Colin Garland, Wirral, 1:26 PM 21/11/2013
This is a sad indictment of modern football, regardless of your views about Christian Purslow, in that changes designed to make football more fair, actually benefit the wealthier few and widen the gulf between them and the chasing pack. How can this be fair play and without a mega rich benefactor what hope is their for the rest of us. Fair play would see all of the clubs managing their season on the same strict spending budget similar to the way in which Rugby League is managed. This would hail a return to the more competetive league that we had prior to the inception of the Premier League, when at least fifty per cent of the teams starting the old division one could of potentially won the league, with a few dark horses (Forest, Derby, Ipswich) thrown into the mix. It is the greedy nature of the Premier League that has killed the game as well as stifling the success of our National side.
Colin Garland, Wirral, 1:19 PM 21/11/2013
Such a stupid short term view! All the BT deal for the CL has done has over priced the premier league TV deal! when the bid for TV rights for EPL comes around, Sky will have to match or better BT offer for the premier league as they can't afford to lose such their major offering. This will mean a very high cost for TV rights and MORE money for each team in the league. Making the extra 10m or so for CL finish a smaller incentive.
Chris C , Walton, 11:57 PM 20/11/2013
" Never again will the likes of Everton get near the top" so we all might as well not turn up n a Saturday afternoon eh!...that makes us even more fanatical about our club Mr Purslow, and one day our time will come again my friend!
Evertonians, Everywhere, 9:49 PM 20/11/2013
To terry in Widnas, FYI Prof Tom Cannon is an Evertonian ...FACT! I listen to 'talk shite' (sport) a lot and he has said himself on many occasaions that he is a Blue! Steve
sniper9652, Liverpool, 5:17 PM 20/11/2013
The bloke may be right but we have finished above liverpool the last two seasons so it's the likes of Liverpool, Newcastle and Villa never getting near the top, not Everton
Chris S, Widnes, 2:09 PM 20/11/2013
Professor Tom Cannon (football finance and kopite) said in 2008 that mancheter city will always struggle to achieve funding as manchester united are he brand leaders in their city. Fat forward 5 years and city have an arab billionaire backer ad are doing nicely thanks. As for Tom Cannon he hasnt mentioned this anomaly since. Take it all with a pinch of salt.
terry, widnes, 9:29 AM 20/11/2013
You sure mate? Even if this story was true (and I'm not saying it isn't), the usual suspects are rolling in it anyway and they still can't get that much past us (if at all) with all their lolly! Honestly you only need to see how Newcastle, Blackburn, Leeds, Pompey and QPR have squandered all their millions only to build a rod for their back. NO TEAM IS SAFE with the wrong man in charge! Thing is, for the next 3 years we'll have more than enough from the new sky money to compete at a level we've not been able to do since the 80s. Question is where do we invest it? Lukaku could well be still ours next September and we'd still be quids in! The world is waking up to 'British Socker' and we only need to stay in the EPL to reep what we've sown for all these years ! All I see is more money going to 20 EPL teams and the only ones it's not going to effect is those few at the top cos they already got it.
Doug, Liverpool, 10:06 PM 19/11/2013
Can not believe that this is only just dawning on everyone. You must have a billionaire owner to be a champions league team from the premier league otherwise your top players will be cherry picked and top players will not sign for you. All the FFP will do is cement the established status quo. Of course unless there is a complete change Everton will need to perform miracles every season to stay in the second tier. Until that day we must just pray for that billionaire to come riding out of the sunset
Tony Q, Waterloo, 7:30 PM 19/11/2013
It's armeggeddon potential for the game as we know it, but surely the bigger picture is the game must restructure at ground level and that means learning from the Bundesliga model in terms of ticket costs, merchandising etc. We may have a tangible ray of hope... TV wont go away, but the aura and bounce of the game, as it was, has long since gone in my book. But who knows, we have hope and this season a long way to go.."Whats Our Name?"
El Cid, Offshore, 7:19 PM 19/11/2013
If what is being proposed does happen, the 14 teams who "fall off the cliff" should boycott the Premier League and form their own league - Darts did it, and the PDC that resulted is far superior...
David, West Derby, 2:25 PM 19/11/2013
The central issue of our game. Money makes money that takes care of Money and woe betide you if you haven't got. Short-sighted, vain, selfish. Capitalism in 3D action. How to change it? Stop transfers. Each club must field six players it has found, grown, trained etc. Stop the clock when the ball isn't in play. Ticket prices to realistically reflect an hour and a half in the open air and not the fat salaries of players. Oh, and us to tonk the shite on Saturday.
blue, Brockley, 1:58 PM 19/11/2013
I think it would be better if the money from TV such as BT adn Sky was split equally between the 20 teams in the PL that season rather than some teams getting significantly more than others. Won't solve the problem but its a start.
Bored, Work, 1:55 PM 19/11/2013
Sadly, Purslow is right. The FFP rules are specifically designed to protect the cartel of clubs that routinely finish in CL places. They don't want other clubs to disrupt their cozy arangement. In truth it's outrageus but I doubt it's legally enforcable. I'm sure the next rich benefactor that comes along who wants to do an Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour, will put that French tosser Platini in his place and spend his way to the top
Big Dave, Bucks, 1:39 PM 19/11/2013
Jonny F - exactly what i was going to say. this sums up their absolute ridiculous self belife that they hjave a god given right to be a "Top European side" even when they are finishing 8th in the league!!! Would someon eexplain how BT's money for champions leaguer football is gouing to assist Liverpool FC. they are closer to the Championship than the Champions League. They still claim to be in the "big four" yet havent finished in the top 4 since 2008/9. My God I hhope we beat these smug bastards come Saturday.
mark , Widnes, 1:09 PM 19/11/2013
Sadly, I think both Purslow and Birch are right, however it's nothing we didn't already know. It's unfortunate that the Premier League had been running for 10 years before Everton woke up and realised that it wasn't 1985 any more, and that football had become a business. Opportunities to move to a new stadium have repeatedly been thrown away, and with it, our ability to raise more revenue. Now, we are stuck at Goodison with no possible way of doing anything with it, and no way of increasing our revenue. When FFP comes in, all hope of some mega-wealthy person to bankroll the club can be forgotten about. As I've said time and time again - no new stadium = stagnation and eventual struggle, and all the while the club's facilities fall further and further behind Premiership standards and so, in turn, the club's financial struggles get worse and require the manager to perform even bigger miracles. Catch 22.
Sam, Cheshire, 1:07 PM 19/11/2013
Correct me if I'm wrong but the 5 teams mentioned have got the money anyway! Forget the tits across the park who want to have money. Sad that they hang on to the other lots coat tails, but very funny.
bitter, liverpool, 12:57 PM 19/11/2013
As stated by Win and Les, Cloughie would never have accepted a financial criteria for determining success and if the maths are correct, why are the majority silent. I've felt for a long, long time that there is an underiding current - possibly within UEFA - to create a full-blown European League that could be driven by financial status i.e. the top three or four financially heeled clubs from five or six major countries disappear from domestic fooie to play solely in Europe. Sounds fanciful doesn't it, but already have a CL with the overwhelming number of clubs playing in it not having won their domestic titles, nd some of them for years. Much as I want to see Everton playing in Europe, I do not want the club to sell its soul and be a part of the wedge that splinters domestic football.
Andy, Accra, Ghana, 12:40 PM 19/11/2013
My question is not whether we can bridge the gap, but if these statements are true and the Maths are right then why havent the rest of the Premiership revolted against the spread of wealth ?
LES, PHUKET, 7:14 AM 19/11/2013
Sad if true,but I wonder what the old time greats would have thought.Do you imagine Brian Clough accepting that mere finances would determine his destiny? It sort of takes away from the magic of the game and could very well kill it as the most attended. But then, there is always the possibility that, with a bit of luck, BT will go bust and cause a major rethink.
Win, Stafford, 5:27 AM 19/11/2013
Much as I hate writing I, I think both of these blokes are probably right. It's fact that the teams winning titles, CL places etc are the highest payers, certainly in the majority of countries. Somehow Martinez or whoever needs miracles to get us into those positions, we haven't got the commercial base to generate income by any other means , we need the CL, and we nee t get in on the cheap.
Mike Oates, South Coast, 10:31 PM 18/11/2013
Haven't Everton finished above Liverpool in the last few seasons, how do they automatically become one of the top 6? God, I hope we beat them good in the Derby. COYB!!!
johny F, Ireland, 9:58 PM 18/11/2013
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