Terrified Evertonians
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Just over three weeks from now we play the shite at Goodison in the season's first derby.

The match is sold out.

Already our loveable neighbours are telling us that Rat's Teeth and Purridge will tear a new one for Jags and Sylvain. They say their two are in form and our two are over the hill and Sylvain is terrified of Rat's Teeth after that semi.

Are you quaking with fear already?

What do you think?




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Comments about Terrified Evertonians
Don't care how, just fuck em up Blues. (Jimmy Mac to sort the horrible t**t).
BIG T, MELBOURNE, 9:31 AM 2/11/2013
Calm down calm down, the game is three weeks away yet. Who knows what he will do, bite, scratch, dive, cheat. All we need is a proper referee and bingo red card. He's been too well behaved, a leopard never changes it's spots
Frank, Huyton, 8:51 AM 1/11/2013
Yeah, like the way goofy terrorised southampton at analfield? by the way.. he was nominated euro player of the year? what a laff.. HE DIDN'T PLAY FOR A QUARTER OF THE YEAR! Bring 'em on!!
Peter, Tuebrook, 12:47 PM 31/10/2013
Lukaku tore them apart last season when he was playing for West Brom and he'll do the same this year for us! Stevie G Laaa is what you call over the hill, not Distin or Jags.
Graham, Liverpool, 5:52 PM 30/10/2013
The difference between the two sides - we have class they don't. I wonder if Sueereeeez will get sent off for falling in the penalty area.
Ann, NZ, 8:25 AM 30/10/2013
Ian, Walton, can't really add any more to that, you have summed it up perfectly
John, Prescot, 7:49 AM 30/10/2013
I am coming home for this , really looking forward to it . I just hope for a change we get a fair ref, but I doubt it , off the top of my head I could probably name ten ref's who have outright cheated us in derby games .
Nil Satis Alfie, Tenerife, 9:24 PM 29/10/2013
If Stevie no neck Gee doesn't cry to the ref or dive all over the place for the whole game, we should put Brendan (I believe my own hype) in his place
The Jones Boy, Irby, 7:46 PM 29/10/2013
I agree we will be going into the game in a more positive frame of mind. We have to accept that our 2 main defenders are both over 30 and especially against Hull looked a little fragile. We'll win 2-1 because Barry and McCarthy will stop them getting to Jags and Sylvan- I hope!
Linda Morrison, Lydiate, 4:57 PM 29/10/2013
I'm with Ian on this. Let them talk. Let them shout about how good Suarez and Sturridge are. They are good, but all good players have off days. Ijust want a good game where we win and a referee that doesn't view the world through rose tinted specs!
Rico, Goodison, 4:44 PM 29/10/2013
Its about time we smashed em. Im sick of hearing how this season is their season etc etc etc. One swallow does not make a summer kopites. Martinez will have a plan up his sleeve. Let them gob off. It just makes victory all the more sweeter. Pride always comes before a fall.
terry, widnes, 2:15 PM 29/10/2013
The only thing we have to be scared of is what Jags or Distin might catch if rat tooth gets pointy yellow gnashers into them.
Bored, Work, 1:44 PM 29/10/2013
Sin Miedo...put money on the buck toothed rat to score...you know he will...make a few quid on it. Difference now is that we can score too!. May be a 4-3'er but it will be our way.
Jonesy, Darn Sarth, 1:29 PM 29/10/2013
I remember El Ratboy taking out two of our lads (Kev and Buz) with Super Kev out for most of the season! Kev was too good for him and so was Buz, so he took them out in the most unsporting manner! Tw@! So if I'm worried about anything, it's the safety of our players! At least we don't have an arsehole in the shapely form of David Moyes for a manager, doing what he does best making "Bad" into "Worse" when these atrocities happen! 2-0 win for the blues + 1 questionable red card on either Ross, Macker, Baz or Seamus! Probably Seamus!
Doug, Liverpool, 1:23 PM 29/10/2013
Is that the sound of distant laughter I hear? :o)
Paul, Warrington, 1:07 PM 29/10/2013
I was half way through my lunch reading this and now i'm struggling finish it i'm so nervous about the derby already, especially after reading the above posts!
Paul, Hants, 12:48 PM 29/10/2013
Everton and Premier Clubs a like are going to knock them right down to earth! They've had the easiest of runs so far but fear not as they are about to endure a clusterfuck of a schedule that'll bring them down to earth again! "Eeeeeeeerm"! You hear that? That the sound of a lonely thought going through the mind of Stevie G's mind! And the older he gets, the longer the journey! Spare a thought for the red shites this Christmas!
Stu Pendous Evertonian, Liverpool, 12:41 PM 29/10/2013
Lads. What's there to be scared of? I think this is part of the reason why we have such a bad record against them. Don't get me wrong - I hate them as much as the next Evertonian and there's no better feeling in the world than beating them... but we build it up and build it up so there's massive pressure on the players, who in the past have unfortunately been overwhelmed by the whole thing. I hope the players treat it like any other home game against a top half premier league team and we should (on our form and with this squad and with the best home support in the league) beat them comfortably. COYB!!
Joe, Liverpool, 10:46 AM 29/10/2013
Mirallas had them shitting themselves last season til they took him out of the game....he'll be looking to do more of the same this season and with Lukaku up top.....3 points.
Gaz, Bogota, 10:05 AM 29/10/2013
They may have strikers in form and a crazy record of getting penalties in the Derby but their defence is awful, the worst its been for years. We have forwards in form and we can actually keep a clean sheet. Also a new mindsight under Martinez rather than Moyes lets take a striker off and throw a defender on type of mentality. The Blues to win 2-0 with Lukaku and Barkley scoring.
Starkey, liverpool, 9:54 AM 29/10/2013
loving the confidence. It was never like this under ginger bollox. I moved back to brum cos i was sick of listening to the drivel spouted by that lot! also lived a stones throw from analfield (not telling you how i know it was a stones throw...) and nothing pleased me more than watching 'em trudge past my window when they got stuffed at home. El Bob will go for this one i'm sure. Bring 'em on.. And Ian... I'd be more than happy to volunteer!!!!
brummieblue, ex tue brook, 8:44 AM 29/10/2013
Should be a good game this year.I think I'll save my worrying for when we play title contenders.
Willy, Eckesrsley, 4:29 AM 29/10/2013
Let's not be scared of these shower. For to long have we shit ourselves under Moyes (especially at anfield). Let's see Lukaku rip a new hole for agger and skirtel! COYB
Paul, Halewood, 11:25 PM 28/10/2013
He is not, and can never be "The Rat", The TWAT maybe but never "The Rat", that is reserved for the great Kevin Ratcliffe, who did something that THE TWAT will never do...twice - hoisted the league trophy :-) COYB
Kris Everton, Down 'ere, 11:18 PM 28/10/2013
I think we should let them do all the talking (they're good at that) and then wipe the fuckin floor with them on the day. As an aside, it's about time someone smashed that bastard Suarez, it's well overdue.
Ian, Walton, 10:12 PM 28/10/2013
Bring it on, we are overdue a big win. The rat may be playing ok, but one man does not make a team . Some of the shites second half performances have been ......shite.
Julie, Formby, 10:08 PM 28/10/2013
They'll have to get past Barry first!
Mark, Chestefield, 9:39 PM 28/10/2013
Fcuk them, bring it on!! We have every chance now that Mr Negative has sodded off to the end of the East Lancs and El Bob will give it a bloody good go...
Paul, Albox, spain, 8:45 PM 28/10/2013
Can't wait to see Lukaku rip them a new one more like
Paul C, Ainsdale, 8:31 PM 28/10/2013
Hopefully we have learnt from our mistakes in previous encounters, well I hope so cos I hate losing to this lot, actually makes me sick! Also we got Lukaku a monster upfront, monsters kill rats and shit dancers! COYB! FTRS!
Ben Walker, Widnes, 8:14 PM 28/10/2013
Bobby "The Chemist" will have a plan. We'll win.
Knotty Head, bill@gmail.com, 8:11 PM 28/10/2013
Q. How many teams have they beaten in the top 7? A. None Q. Who have they beaten? A.Crystal Palace - bottom Sunderland - 19th Stoke - 17th Bring them on.....................
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 7:13 PM 28/10/2013
This will be an interesting one. Given Moyes's record against the shite,he obviously sent out his team's with an ethos of fear,caution,and undue respect for our loveable neighbours. We are at home,hopefully Clattenburg or Clive Thomas will not be the ref, and let's get at them from the first minute to the last. I am tempted to put a few quid on Traffic to get his first Toffee goal,after coming on as sub. Whoever scores,we are due to turn the horrible bastards over.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:53 PM 28/10/2013
Er no. I'm not 'terrified' :o)
Spectator, Crosby., 6:52 PM 28/10/2013
For 11yrs Moyes bottled it during the derbies but I expect Martinez to take it much more seriously and go for the kill. I think it has the potential to be a high scoring game
Simon, Kirby , 6:47 PM 28/10/2013
Oooo i'm scared.
Alan Morris, Southport, 6:34 PM 28/10/2013
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