The Great Derby Omen
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Looking for a derby omen? 34 years ago this Sunday Andy King scored derby winner at Goodison. Everton had drawn their previous game away at QPR 1-1.

The last home league game Everton played on 28th Oct was also the Andy King Derby in 1978.

Thanks to Gavin Butland and Steve Johnson - "Two great Everton Statos" - Follow them on twitter. @GavinBuckland1 and @stevejohnson95

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Comments about The Great Derby Omen
Eid Mubarak to Ahmed and all Muslims. Let's hope it's as good as the last Eid then...COYB
Maid in Everton, Everton, 3:14 PM 23/10/2012
As per Ahmed above, the Eid holiday here in Sudan falls perfectly to allow me to sit in front of the TV and watch the derby courtesy of Abu Dhabi TV. Come on you Blues, make all us ex-pat Blues who can't get a drink happy with a win over the RS.
Andy, Khartoum, Sudan, 1:58 PM 23/10/2012
Thursday is Eid, an islamic celebration, Muslims have 2 Eids a year, the first one this year was before the first game of the season against the Manure and was the best Eid I had in years, this Eid falls just before the Derby weekend and like the Manure game, it's at Goodison and again like the Manure game I couldn't get a ticket so had to watch on my 3D telly, also same ref, please let it be the same result and another Eid to remember :) Yes Everton have Muslim fans as well as Muslim players (Ozzie & Felli) COYB, GOD IS GREAT
Ahmed, @ADOGHEM, London, 11:43 AM 23/10/2012
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