Andy Johnson 3-0
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First time posting into the site, my finest derby day was the 3-0. I sometimes go up on the WCB supporters coach but we went up in the car instead. Seen some kopites in the services and just nodded in acknowledgement of their presence. We got into Liverpool and pulled up at the traffic lights (not far from mcdonalds) and my misses noticed a black bentley sports car pull up beside us. She nudged me and shouted at the car to wind down the window.... It was only Tim Cahill so we started singing 'Tim Cahill' to which he lent out the window with a clenched fist saying 'come on blues we're going to win today' and then we noticed the driver of the car was AJ!! My mate said we're going to win 2-0 today and they were both going to score so imagine our delight at half time 2-0 up with both scoring!! Aj scored again but we didn't mind by that point! Absolutely amazing day!!

COYB. Mally.

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