October 1984 - Sharpy's Classic
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When he ran over to the Kemlyn Road, after scoring, me and my old fella where two rows back. I tried to jump on to hug Sharpey, but went flying. I would have been famous and probably thrown out. On replays of the goal, you can see my old man shaking a clenched fist going nuts. He was on match of the day for the next season because they showed it at the start every week, I think.

You can just see me getting gingerly to my feet, bobble hat all twisted on my head. It was ace though, looking up at my dad with pure joy on his face. My Dad became an Evertonian when he moved to Liverpool, from Edinburgh, in the late fifties, early sixties. He would go and watch both teams, depending on who was at home. He fell in love with the blues team with the Golden Vision. He'd seen him play for Hearts and still talks about him to this day, even my eight year old daughter loves him.

Best thing about the 84 game, is the bloke in the parka, arms aloft whirling from side to side. My mates from Uni who originated from all around the country, talked about him for years and one lad even bragged to a girl from Liverpool, that it was him, just to impress her! Alan B - Chester.

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