Everton Derby Day Memories
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* 1978 at Goodison has to be my personal favourite. With it being seven years since the last time we beat them, this made it all the more sweeter. Sixteen years old, stood in the Street End with my butchers coat proudly adorned along with my 'I Hate Emlyn Hughes' and 'Bobby Latchford Walks On Water' tin badges, prominently displayed. This was dreamland stuff! Andy(is our)King lashing in over 'Big Nose Clemence' from 25 yards. It was time to party. The Shite even had a late goal disallowed by linesman Des Tweats who ran a paper shop round the corner from me. Needless to say, I continually thanked him until he recently died. 7 years since we beat the Shite and No.7 Andy King puts it to bed. Great days. Harvey Shearer. Poulton-le-Fylde.

* My best derby moment was when Kevin Campbell scored down the kop end where I was sitting. The faces on the redshite fans was a picture. It was so funny. I will be with our fans on Saturday and hoping for the same result. COYB. NIL SATIS SISI OPTIMUM. Dave.

* Without a doubt the best day of my life so far was the 3-0 win at Goodison. What could be better?

1- My 1st derby. (Thank you to West Country Blues for that)
2- Sitting right behind the goal in the lower Gwladys.
3- Giving them a hiding
4- The pure comedy value of AJ's 2nd.
5- The singing.
6- Getting home in time to get all the pints I was owed by the Kopites who bet me a pint they'd win.

The perfect day. The Mrs. has a video on her phone of me singing and in tears at the full time whistle. What an emotional day. It wasn't even ruined by the gobshites that attacked and smashed the windows of our bus on the way home!!!  Other great memories include Joe Royle's first game in charge. Big Dunc and Rideout. Blinding stuff. It's a grand old team to play for... Spencer Bishop.

* Has to be the 3-0. It was my birthday that day, what a present. I had a bet on 2-0, so was probably the only Blue gutted when AJ got the third. A few pints soon made me forget about my lost winnings though. 2-1 this week. Thanks. Neil Gribbin.

*  My best derby moment was taking my bird at the time who was a redshite (never been, never will) redshite went 1-0 up and she turned and give me two fingers. Goals from Mo Johnstone and Beardo saw me give her the two fingers back with a double fuck off! The journey home was strangely quiet. Anyway she is long gone now. Happy days indeed. Johnny Whitts.

* The 3-0 win at Goodison with Cahill and Andy Johnson scoring. Made even more memorable by the shite goalkeeping of Pepe the clown and the worst supporters in the world, who had disappeared, every last one of them before the final whistle had gone.

It goes to prove a point I've said all along, that the redshite supporters only support success. When they get beat they don't want to know. Evertonians support the club, the team, the players, no matter what the results on the pitch. We are there for them and always will be. I've got the Blue Kipper wallpaper showing the away corner in the Bullens road, which I keep on my PC in work. The redshite always ask what it is and when I tell them they shuffle away with their tale between their legs. COYB. Cookie.

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Comments about Everton Derby Day Memories
Agree with above. Andy King. Headlines in the paper that morning ... "A message to Everton ..... be brave, be positive and you can beat them" The whole country was on our side. The rest of my memories of this were in the (reletively recent) Goodison derby day programme when we beat the shite 1-0 with a goal from Lee Carsley.
Dave, Droitwich Spa, 7:13 AM 20/12/2011
For me, a toss-up between Andy's goal in 77, and Sharpies 'best ever goal in a derby'. I remember-after the 77 match-some lad putting ten bob in the jukey in the Oak and using it to put 'Celebration Time', by Kool and the Gang on about eight times! Every one sung along to with gusto!
Paul Newton., Bootle, 1:56 PM 30/09/2011
Has to be the andy king derby 78, was in the st end in the middle ,what an atmosphere after not winning a derby for several years ,oh andy is our king,oh andy is our king ,oh andy is our kiiiiing , was like winning the cup that day and still fresh in my mind
billy , eastham, 1:13 PM 30/09/2011
worst moment - on the Street end and Jimmy Shithouse Case breaking Geoff Nulty's leg - 50,000 people and we all heard it snap! Still hate him.
holdo, sussex, 8:30 PM 29/09/2011
Just standing, as a 13-year-old, on the Annie Road end, under the TV gantry, late 70s/early 1980s and looking at the Kop - one third of it Blue! And that girl getting her tits out before running on the pitch! That meant 13 tits on the pitch - the other 11 wearing red.
holdo, sussex, 8:26 PM 29/09/2011
My greatest derby has to be the sharpy one at analfield, tempted too run on pitch, but I didn't join our boys in the celebration on that shithol.that was the day I knew we were back at the top( but not for long enough) 17 yrs old without a care or worry in the world. Oh i wish icould turn back time. COYB
Paul, Childwall, 6:24 PM 29/09/2011
has to be andy king '78, close runner is sharpy at the shitehole...
mike, lpool, 1:16 PM 29/09/2011
I´ll never forget this day, 4th of February 2009. I was on the maternity ward, two hours before (and just in time) my baby girl was born. I slowly disappeared into the cafeteria and put the game on, still in rush after the birth. Boom! Dan Gosling scores the winner at the end of the overtime and I completely lost it, surrounded by nurses end exhausted mothers. Officially the best day of my life. And I´ll never forget my daughter´s birthday.
Magnus, Rvk., 1:04 PM 29/09/2011
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