Where's Kings Drive?
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My best Derby Day moment was the 'Andy King Derby' on 28th October 1978. We hadn't won a derby for quite a while and had Mick Lyons the Everton skipper out injured. The kopites were bragging they were going to put 3 or 4 past us.

Everton dominated the game from start to finish. It was a typical derby with no quarter given. With it still 0-0, at half time, Everton fans could sense that we would get a goal. With fifty odd minutes on the clock, Billy Wright passed the ball out to Mick Pejic on the left. He crossed and the ball came out to Andy King, just outside the box. He volleyed it into the top corner with Clemence in a heap on the floor. Goodison Park exploded. Everton continued to dominate and win all the 50-50's. Gordon Lee's team won 1-0.

The scenes at the end were unbelievable. The game is remembered for an interview Andy King did at the end of the game. The BBC reporter grabbed Andy, as he was coming off the pitch and shoved the microphone in his mouth asking him how he felt? Before he could answer a copper pushed both off the pitch towards the tunnel. The plod was obviously a redshite.

Everton fans used to taunt the kopites by asking, "Do you know where King's Drive is?" The answer: "In the back of Clemence's net." I still ask the question now and again.

Everton:  George Wood, Colin Todd, Roger Kenyon, Billy Wright, Mick Pejic, Andy King, Geoff Nulty, Martin Dobson, Dave Thomas, Bob Latchford, Mickey Walsh.

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Comments about Where's Kings Drive?
Ye were's Kings drive? in the back of Clemences net.
Hank, Huyton, 1:07 PM 12/10/2010
Aged 11, 1 was with me Dad in Upper Bullens and he was trying to make me go so he could get a quick pint in the supporters club. About to leave when King scored and what a feeling, what a goal. On the Monday was at the training ground on a supporters club trip and with all the players with keegan style curls I got Mick Pegic to sign a photo of Andy King...I will never forget his look of disbelief and then my embarrassment as I thought I had AK's autograph and no one else had
Paul, Guernsey, 9:28 AM 12/10/2010
Was in the Street End and we celebrated like a cup final victory after I think 7 years without a derby win. Apart form the goal, my abiding memory is our lovable neighbours having a goal disallowed and Georgie Wood turning around to us after their celebrations died down, fists pumping the air with the biggest grin on his face. Classic. Not bitter, just hate them!
Brian McIver, Mombasa, 7:39 PM 11/10/2010
"Goodison Park exploded." - somewhat of an understatement as I recall. Was in the Main Stand paddock and it went totally mental, I don't honestly think I can recall a reaction like that to a goal, never mind a derby-winner, here's to the same on Sunday !! COYB !!
Andy, Warrington, 5:26 PM 11/10/2010
That one's too old for me but I've seen it on DVD. Wish I could have been there!
Ste Phillips, Litherland, 11:56 AM 11/10/2010
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