Everton Ladies Beat redshite
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It is always good to beat the redshite, no matter what level.

Tonight, Mo Marley's Everton Ladies beat the redshite 2-0 with first half goals from Brooke Chaplen (25) and Lucy Bronze (40), Everton cruised to an easy victory.

Earlier this week Mo had called for Toffee support and Tash Dowie had called for an improved performance.

Tonight they got both.

Well done Ladies.

Were you at the game? What did you think?

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Comments about Everton Ladies Beat redshite
Twas my first visit to Everton Ladies and it was a case of women v girls. Everton dominated from start to finish with the outstanding Fara Williams and the Fellaini like Jill Scott running the show. These reds were no match for our blues. Looking forward to Lincoln on June 10 thanks ladies for a very enjoyable evening.
Blueman, Runcorn, 10:18 PM 1/06/2012
Well done, Ladies - in terms of the womens' game, we really have got one of the best teams and some of the best players in the country. :-)
Dave, Shrewsbury, 10:18 AM 31/05/2012
Took the Grandkids to tonites match, the first time I've seen the Ladies play. Got to say the standard of football by the mighty Blues was excellent plenty of skillful players, have also changed my view in that under every ponytail theres an arsehole!!! Not in a blue shirt anyway!!!. Talking about redshite no 9 I'm sure the ponytail was out there tonite, the ball had a headache the amout of hoofs it got from the redshite.
Chris M, Newsham Park, 11:38 PM 30/05/2012
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