Everton Have To Dig Deep
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Everton Ladies suffered a surprise 2-0 defeat to Lincoln on Sunday to leave them in 3rd place in the inaugural WSL title race.

Everton's five-game winning streak came to an end and manager Mo Marley thinks the defeat leaves Everton with a mountain to climb if they are to clinch the title.

An own goal from captain Becky Easton and a close-range volley from Jess Clarke gave Lincoln the win. To make things worse Tasha Dowie missed a second half penalty. To make it more annoying, news came through that leaders Birmingham and second-placed Arsenal had drawn.

Mo said: "We never really turned up today and compliments to Lincoln, I think they capitalised on that. The scoreline probably reflected our performance and the first goal epitomised it. There's not a lot I can say other than the fact that we were well beaten.

After that result I would say we're not worthy champions, and now it just makes the task even more difficult. It's an opportunity wasted, and that's why we're sitting third in the table and not at the top.

These are the opportunities you're given and you have to take them, and once again we've fallen short and that's why we're not competing at the top. I thought it was going to be difficult even if we kept winning, because we are relying on other teams dropping points.

In the last few games we've got the results and performances have been decent to exceptionally good, but this performance wasn't great and the result was even worse.

I found out today there are a few players who can play in different positions and can come in and excel in different areas, so it's good to know that our players can be adaptable and change.

Brooke Chaplen came in and I thought she did exceptionally well, so that's good and means there is healthy competition all over the field, and I think after today, we definitely need more competition."

Everton play Bristol Academy away on Saturday. 6.30pm kick-off.

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