Stubbsy Is Delighted
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With the Cloud of Doom hovering over Finch Farm and Goodison Park there is at least one person walking around with a smile on his face - Alan Stubbs.

Yesterday, Stubbsy saw his U21 side maintain their unbeaten run in 2013 with a 1-0 win away at Chelsea. Conor McAleny scored a blinder to secure the three points, his fifth goal in the last six games. The only black spot was the sending off of Ross Barkley in the last minute for an 'off the ball incident'.

Stubbsy was delighted with his table toppers.

Stubbsy said: "Sometimes when you come to big clubs, the clubs at the top of the Premier League, you feel inferior and you think that they're better than you."

"I tried to emphasise before the game that we're top of our league, we've got more points than them, as far as I'm concerned we've got better players in our dressing room than them, and I feel we proved that."

"We've conceded a couple of goals recently which have been a bit sloppy and not like us, and then we've come away today and kept a great clean sheet. On top of that, Conor McAleny has scored an absolutely fantastic goal and, overall, I was happy with our play, I thought we looked dangerous when we went forward and that we went forward with a real purpose."

"If you look at the whole game, they did all I asked and we deserved our victory. Chelsea had a bit of pressure towards the end but it was more huff and puff than really creating chances."

"Ross's football was outstanding at times today but he made some silly decisions after some really good pieces of play and was trying to do too much when he could have played it simple. He's let himself down with the sending off. He shouldn't have given the referee the dilemma as to whether to send him off."

"He hasn't punched the boy but he has raised his arm, which you can't do. I can see why he has sent him off, so I've got no complaints."

Some good news for us, well done to Stubbsy and his U21's.

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Comments about Stubbsy Is Delighted
Really made up with Alan's efforts, some good prospects. Just hope that Mr Moyes starts giving some of them a chance.VAK
Norman Merrill, Everton Liverpool , 6:36 PM 12/03/2013
The saying goes "If you are good enough, you are old enough". We will never know if they are good enough if they are not given a chance. Come on's time to take that chance.
Richard, Cape Town, 4:29 PM 12/03/2013
Paul, there is only one way to find out and that is to give them a chance. Not just one game but a run of games- something that Moyes completely refuses to do. We've 10 games left, who would you rather see represent the club in those 10 games?
Syd Barret, Space, 12:22 PM 12/03/2013
These kids are nowhere near ready, just look at Barkley couldn'tget a game for Leeds. Emotions are high but the kids at the moment aren't the answer
paul, Whiston, 10:49 AM 12/03/2013
This is exactly what's wrong with our club. Mcalaneys scored 6 in 5 for the reserves, Jelly hasn't scored for monthes. Jellys hopelessly out of form, Mcaleny is in form. What would you do?
Syd Barret , Space, 10:23 AM 12/03/2013
Legend Give him and half the team the top job And ship out the deadwood It will revitalise goodison
Dave dexter, Aintree, 9:48 AM 12/03/2013
Some of these kids need to make the step up to senior team, the old guard look knackered.
Jim, London, 9:46 AM 12/03/2013
Get these hungry youngsters into the first team pronto. They will at least give their all which one or two of our want-away "stars" are not doing.
Andy, Ellesmere Port, 9:46 AM 12/03/2013
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